Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 7

Well this week just flew by! Filled with ups and downs and TONS of miracles.. like seriously, I'm still in shock :)
It wasn't a normal week 'cause having P-day on Tuesday kind of threw it off BUT it was so much fun playing volleyball in the rain with the zone!

On Thursday we had another sister join us for the day while her comp. was at a meeting so that was awesome! She really showed me how to be bold with everyone. Miracle #1- we were in the library and as we were walking out there was a young man sitting at a table. So we went over to him and started talking. One thing led to another and we ended up teaching him the Restoration right on the spot! It was so powerful. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized and he said yes! Now.. he doens't have a phone so pray that we'll find him again haha. It was awesome though 'casue one of our gators had just dropped us when we found him!

Friday we got to go on exchanges! That was fun :) Invited our 'gator Mildred (whom we've been teaching since I got here) to pray again about being baptized. NEXT DAY (wierd story but hey, the Lord works in mysterious ways) she had hot chocolate and got diareah therefore couldnt attend her Seventh Day Adventist chuch haha. Which then on Sunday she came to church for her second time and had such a spiritual experience! After sacrament meeting she just sat there and said she knew this was the right church. WE WERE STUNNED. She's getting baptized on the 14th!!! Ahhh! It was so amazing!

So, I'm feeling quite southern :) I had bisquits and gravy for breakfast (not ever the way I eat hahha..) at a service project Saturday morning! Then one of our 'gators gave us molasses cake- so good!

The pictures are of the bird funeral we had last week haha ;) and our lovely Mildred when she told us she wanted to be baptized!!!!!!

This week I'm focusing on really recognizing the spirit when I feel it. sister Jensen and I were going over times we had definitely recognized it this week. Everyone should try it! We can't go through life without Heavenly Father's help so let him help you. I love this gospel and I know it's true. There's no greater happiness than when you tell someone about the Plan that God has for them or that they can see their family members again who've passed away or that there's a prophet on the earth today. Hold on to your faith! It's precious.
I love you all! Stay strong. I hope everyone is doing well <3
Sister Woolley

Investigator Mildred who is getting baptized March 14th!
Bird funeral :(
 Holding some guinea pigs with Sister Jensen + they are matching 
A lovely valentines package from her sister Heather ;) 

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