Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 6... Bug bites, rain, miracles

Hi all!! Sorry to freak you out by not emailing yesterday, we had an AWESOME mission conference where elder Zwick of the 70s came and spoke to us!! Just so cool.
How is everyone!? Florida is great. It certainly was a roller coaster of a week. We had some awesome lessons though and some investigators are progressing so that's awesome! We were big on family history this week. Everyone go do it! The church has these cool My Family books out that I'm working on and I've already learned so much about my ancestors! So yeah.

So miracle! We were biking on Sunday to one of our 'gator's house and we saw this old man (classic story here) getting out of his car then he dropped his bag of groceries. So, what do missionaries do? We went over and helped him carry his bags in and got a return appointment for the next day! He's awesome. Seriously, he's been to Nauvoo and Palmyra and has read some of the Book of Mormon.. Like what!? Also his daughter is a less active member. So he's pretty cool!
Fun fact, I have tons of bug bites.
So Saturday night we were driving over to our 'gator's house. I wasn't feeling the most confident (it goes in waves) and I had just prayed for strength and desperate that I could feel the Spirit's promptings and follow them. What do you know? I walked outside and the moon was smiling :) it was so cool. I felt instant peace. God is watching out for his children!!

Funny story: it's been freezing the last two days and so we found a dead bird outside our door :( sad!! (You know me, I love birds). So, we buried it! Haha. I'll send pics next week. We wrapped it up in tissue paper, tied it with a ribbon and buried it in the dirt/sand. Tadah! By the way, Florida has sand.. Not dirt. Weird!

Another funny incidence, we were going to see a potential investigator and as we walked up they were outside the house! But once they spotted us they ran back inside and his wife just shook her hand at us saying "we're not interested!" Ah, sad, these people don't know what they're missing.

Anyways! I hope everyone is staying strong!! Pray always and NEVER

miss a day reading your scriptures. In these days, we can't afford to
not have the Holy Ghost guiding and protecting us.

I love you all!!!

Sister Woolley

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