Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Love to See the Temple

Hey y'all!

First off, here goes my last week in the mission. How this happened? I
don't know. How has it been? The best thing of my life. Mixed
feelings? Yes.

This week was crazy awesome. So much goodness!

Something awesome was that we got to go to the temple twice this week!
Wednesday night we took a mob of our people there and it was amazing.
We had Nicole (who's been wanting to go for weeks), Terri (getting
baptized Saturday!!!), Bro. Potter (returning to activity), and the
Swisher family (AMAZING people). Also while there I got to see Bishop
Scherer from my last area!! That was really sweet :) they all just
loved the temple tour. Terri can't wait to go inside. And Jennifer is
set on getting sealed in there. Sister Keith drove us all up there and
it was just awesome. Sorry, I have trouble describing how I felt. Bro
Potter later said I was just BEAMING. I love the temple.

The second time was on Saturday with Venita! She got to go inside for
the first time and do baptisms. Aw that was so sweet. She took her own
family names and was especially excited to be baptized for her sister
:) when she went under the water the first time, and I swear
especially when she went under for her sister, I just felt his
overwhelming excitement and joy. I know they've accepted it. The
spirit was so strong and I couldn't stop smiling :) venita was so
happy to be there! I'm so glad we got to go.

Terri is doing fantastic too! Her baptism is on Saturday and she is so
excited. She's been coming to every activity there is and the Ward is
just wonderful at fellowshipping her. Tonight the lady FHE group is
having a combined birthday party for her, another woman in the Ward,
and sister Lefebvre!! Terri's birthday is today so we're pumped for
that. We get to teach the lesson of course too!

We were kind of struggling with our finding this week but yesterday we
set a goal for our "super Sunday" and Lo and behold, the Lord provided
for some AWESOME new investigators. Faith is a wonderful thing :)

Along the same lines, we had exchanges on Tuesday and I was down in
Palm Bay with a sweet sister. She was struggling a bit with faith so
we had a long discussion on it and then went out to work and holy cow
we saw the coolest miracles. Found some amazing people in their area
and in the process one of the woman we taught gave us a bag of melons
after we cleaned her dishes haha!

I'm so blessed to be serving here. I love this work and I love my
Savior. I'm eternally grateful for everything I've learned and gained
from this experience. Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us
more than you know. Never forget that :)

Love you all!!!

Sister Woolley
 The group Wednesday night :)
With Venita at the temple! (There was a wedding happening behind us yay!)

Monday, July 18, 2016

"the gospel is like instant oatmeal, just add water and you have instant family!"

Hello hello dear people!

This week was non stop amazing. I just wish I could have a video
camera with us at all times as that'd be easier then trying to explain
all the goodness. Just know, that people are wonderful and God is the
BEST. I love Him.

An update on Terri, we had some sweet lessons with her this week. Last
Monday night we had her in a member of the bishopric's home for dinner
and they just LOVE her and were perfect for the lesson we had too. We
taught tithing which is a difficult one for some people but the family
had amazing testimonies they shared on the topic which helped so much.
:) we saw her throughout the week of course but then on Saturday
another member friend had her in their home for dinner again and
during the lesson the husband had an idea to take pictures of us to
put on the program for sacrament meeting Haha! So basically we felt
like we were in the District (missionary videos to help us learn how
to be missionaries, the best thing ever) and we had a good laugh about
it :)

Tuesday and Wednesday we just had lesson right after lesson ALL DAY
LONG which is awesome. And amidst our running around to lessons the
Lord is just giving us new people to teach. He knows what He's doing!!
Also on Tuesday we had interviews with our new mission president. He's
a sweet man and will do a great job here!

We went on exchanges with our sisters down in Vero Beach who are so
sweet. One of them has only been out for 4 weeks and the other this is
just her 3rd transfer. I took the older one up here to my area and we
had an awesome day. For one thing, we had a member's daughter who
wants to serve a mission, come out with us from 11:00am to 5:00pm.
HOLY COW. She was so great with our lessons though and just loved it.
By the end she was sunburnt, dehydrated, and tired but said she had so
much fun haha. But on that day we went to see a former investigator
and her husband and they let us in and we finally had a sit down
lesson with them. Later in the week she called us and said she thinks
she's finally ready to make the commitment of baptism! (She's been
investigating off and on for 9 years). We put them on date for baptism
Sunday night :)

A couple of other crazy events this week- we were going to an
appointment and ran across the street to talk to a woman with her baby
and turns out she was baptized 6 years ago and lost contact with the
church! we got her records in- another lost sheep found! And then on
Saturday we prayed with a member for someone to teach in her home and
then we drove down the street and found an amazing woman who just
soaked up everything we taught her about the gospel. She almost came
to church but her baby was crying so bad from teething that she didn't
come inside. Next week!

I probably say this a lot but it's so true- the Lord is in charge of
this work. It never ceases to amaze me that He places us right where
He needs us. He will put people into our lives who need what we have
and we need them. I have seen this time and time again.
D&C 75
"13...take their journey into the eastern countries, and proclaim the
things which I have commanded them; and inasmuch as they are faithful,
lo, I will be with them even unto the end...
21 And you shall be filled with joy and gladness..."

and this is a promise I have seen fulfilled. The Lord IS with us
always and as we do His work and are happy.

Have a great week. I love you all.

Sister Woolley

This week. Our district played sand volleyball this morning! 

 Last week. She made a bowl out of leaves and I finished the temple. Woo!
And from the Fourth of July haha. She's the cutest! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sweaty and happy


I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! There's always something
exciting happening on a mission. In the words of Moroni, "has the day
of miracles ceased?...Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith
that miracles are wrought".

We had a jam packed week! We taught a ton of people and we have great
investigators that I am just so excited about!!

First off Mike is the one with four kids and one on the way. His wife
isn't as excited about the gospel as he is. Which makes sense because
this week we answered a ton of questions they had which stemmed from
CRAZY things they heard in the past. We cleared those up pretty quick
haha. BUT! Mike has been texting us all throughout the week about
different things he's reading in the Book of Mormon and all the
different experiences with the spirit he's having. One being "is this
what always happens to people you teach who accept the truth!?" Heck

Some other random events this week: we had a fun relief society
activity Tuesday night. Thursday was MLC! It was different without
president and sister Berry there but President and Sister Clark and
the APs did a great job.

On the way back from MLC it ended earlier than we expected so we
stopped by a part member family in the Ward. They weren't home but we
saw their neighbor pull up so we went to talk with them. The woman
came up to us and was SO excited when she found out we were Mormons.
She had been given a copy of the Book of Mormon on an airplane from a
missionary and she said she believes it's true!! That was cool.

We had exchanges on Saturday so I went over to Palm Bay woohoo! I love
that area. We had some crazy experiences. The sister there is just in
her second transfer on the mission and has such excitement about the
work! So we had a super fun day and just shared miracle stories all
day long.

As I started the email out with faith I'll end with it. We can choose
to exercise faith in Christ. We must be the ones to act on it though.
No one can do it for us. Choose to out your faith in Christ and I
promise you you will see miracles in your life. I love you all!! I
hope you have an amazing week :) don't forget to smile!!!

Sister Woolley


1. We got to go to the beach yet again :)
2. The MLC - I just love them!

Monday, July 4, 2016

"We can go down to the dock don't ya know?

Hello hello!

Happy Independence Day ya'll! We've been hearing and seeing fireworks
all weekend!I'm proud to be an America and grateful to the Lord for
this free country. God bless!
I hope you're all enjoying the holiday and doing well :)

Okay really how is it July? I'm enjoying everyday to its fullest and
making the most of every opportunity. This time last year I was in
good ole Belleview :) love that place.

Satellite Beach is doing super well! We had another fantastic week!
Here's some highlights:

Our less active, Bro Potter (who's middle name is literally James
which is the coolest thing ever) came to church yesterday!!! And he
really enjoyed it :) so much progress!!!

Also, we have begun teach TWO families!! You have no idea, families
are a huge deal. Huge. One of them we met Tuesday, the husband's name
was found in areabook so we just stopped by. Four kids with a fifth on
the way :) the husband, Mike, basically has a lot of questions because
of the Book of Mormon musical (I guess it does some good...). What a
cool guy!!! He's been on Mormon.org all weekend and when we asked what
his favorite thing he learned was 1. The plan of salvation
(naturally!) and 2. That Adam was Michael (odd thing to be excited
about but alright!!).

The other family was... Wait for it... A member referral!!! The 11
year old daughter invited her friend from school to church several
times and the mom finally just gave us the family's address to stop
by. Such a sweet family! So we are going to start working with them as
well. Moral of this story, invite invite invite your friends!! Members
are so powerful in missionary work.

We had two exchanges this week which are always fun. On Saturday I
left the area and went to Rockledge!! That's a cool area. At one point
we drove by where all the famous cruise ships are docked! Seriously,
I'm in the coolest mission in the world. I love Florida so much :)

Also we met our new mission president on Friday! President and Sister
Clark from Salt Lake City. They're both very sweet and filled with the
spirit. I can't describe how much I miss President and Sister Berry
though but I'm happy to have the Clarks leading out the mission and
happy to be working with them. They'll do a great job!

Our investigator Terry is amazing and keeps asking for more to read.
So we gave her all the pamphlets we have and she's basically teaching
herself the lessons. So cool!

In closing, I have a testimony that the Lord is at the head of this
church. He will lead us as we humbly rely on Him. We must act though
for Him to lead us. He trusts us! Something I learned this morning was
that "there is no spiritual power in convenience". It is not always
convenient to serve, or keep the commandments, or follow Jesus Christ.
It may not be convenient but it is right. And when we do it, the Lord
will bless us.

I love you all! Thank you for the continued prayers and support! I
hope you have a fantastic week :)

Sister Woolley

The subject title is from a cute Canadian girl, don't ya know.

I just adore my companion. She's amazing!!
Cutest puppy in the world. Much like holding a baby, but allowed :)