Monday, February 29, 2016

Biking + Blessings

Hey ya'll!! Yet another fantastic week in the FOM. I don't think I
could be any happier :)
First off, (again) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, sweet mother!!! I'm
so grateful to have been blessed with a mom as wonderful as she is.
Thank you for all that you do for me and everyone else, momma, I love
you <3

We had an incredible amount of experiences teaching with members this
week and I'm just so grateful for all the members who help us out each
week. I think it's so fun when members come finding with us and
they're able to see how we find new investigators.
This transfer we've been praying for so many members to have missions
experiences and just yesterday TWO members brought their friends to
church for the first time! We get to meet with one Tuesday night and
we're pumped!

Here's an interesting experience...
So we taught our investigator Paul whom we picked up last week. We
thought he was awesome and he seemed really interested. But the second
lesson we had with him we found out that he literally thinks he's
Jesus Christ. What? It was so strange, I've never had anyone say that
before in my time out here. We testified against it but he wasn't
convinced. So we told him to read the Book of Mormon and we left.
Gotta love the mission life!

Aw the sweetest thing! If you remember a couple of weeks ago I talked
about the woman we are helping go through the repentance process? She
was able to meet with the bishop on Sunday. She was so nervous
beforehand and we were praying hard for her. That evening she called
us and we could just tell in the sound of her voice the difference she
felt! She was SO happy! It reminds me of Alma 36:21. I can add my
testimony to her's that we truly can be changed and become new through
the Atonement. :)

We went on two exchanges this week. On Wednesday I got to stay in
Olympia with Sister Muhlestein who was actually trained by my trainer
too! So that was exciting. We had quite the day and it was a good time
On Saturday I got to go to Lake Reams with Sister Glover! She is so
sweet, just out of training. And I GOT TO BIKE ALL DAY. Hallelujah it
has been so long. We saw some pretty amazing miracles. We contacted a
woman from the second floor balcony of an apartment complex by calling
over the side and talking to her. She was so cool! She had met with
missionaries about 2 years ago. Seems very interested :) also one
woman we met later in the day had just talked to missionaries over in
Sanford three days earlier. She looked up and said "I think I get the
hint!" And then was super excited about reading the Book of Mormon.
She texted us that night saying she couldn't put the book down! So I
hope the sisters get to teach her there :)

Back in my area! Friday night we got to teach the wonderful family I
told y'all about last week! Aww they are so prepared. Every member
that meets them agrees. We met them at the church and give them a
church tour. They each remembered what we had taught them about the
Restoration. We showed them the baptismal font and watched a little
bible video about when Christ was baptized. The spirit was so strong
and each one of them committed to a baptismal date :) ahh! We are so
pumped. Please keep them in your prayers!! They did not come to church
yesterday and we're not sure why but they said they still want
lessons. Keeping the commitment of attending church seems to be the
hardest for everyone. We'll get me there!!

I know this gospel is true. I know Joseph Smith was called to be a
prophet. I am so grateful to have the opportunity every single day to
testify of the Restoration of the gospel, of the Book of Mormon, and
especially of my Savior, Jesus Christ. 3 Nephi 5:13 "Behold, I am a
disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to
declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting

Have a fantastic week!! I love y'all!

Sister Woolley

Some sisters had this stick in their apartment.. haha
On exchanges! we walked along this dirt path to the church for a 
baptism, with this member :)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Fasting to find the prepared

Hello hello beautiful people! Life in the sunshine state is, as
always, full of miracles and joy!! Another shoutout for a birthday:
Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister and best friend Heather, woohoo!
I love you!

Here's just a few of the miracles and events of the week!

We taught our Haitian friend again with a Haitian member and she just
took off teaching the whole thing and we just sat there in awe trying
to pick out words we knew and what was going on. He seemed to enjoy it
though! We'll be having an actual Haitian missionary teach him next
week haha.

If y'all remember our Iranian family we're teaching as well, we had
probably the most spiritual lesson in their home this week. We
retaught the restoration and Reza said he felt the spirit most with us
and was considering baptism. We tried extending a date but he wouldn't
accept it just yet. The member who is already scheduled to baptize him
was with us, and Reza just said "he will make me a Mormon" Okay...

We got to teach our gator at the church Thursday night before the
Relief Society activity, which she stayed for yay! A member from the
Belleview Ward was there as well and I was so excited! They had a
professional organizer come and gives us tips! That was pretty cool
but the best part was when she said "what would you do if you had 244
hours of free time in a year!?" She went to one woman in the Ward and
her response was that she'd visit her grandchildren. Then she walked
over to me and asked it! I freaked out a little and all I could say
was, "oh goodness, I don't know!" Everyone laughed. What even is free
Afterwards we tried to teach her about the gospel but she wouldn't
have it. Oh well.

On Saturday there was a stake zone conference for the missionaries,
bishops, and our stake presidency. It was all about the members
working to find for the missionaries to teach and it was so cool! The
stake president committed the bishops and Ward mission leaders to find
and baptized 90 people in 2016 and then promised that we would match
that number with the people we talk to, find, teach, and baptize this
year. HOW LEGIT. I'm so excited. So now we have plans on how to make
it all more effective :) How are each of you finding people for the
missionaries to teach??

After dinner Saturday night we had a member come with us to a lesson
that fell through. While walking through the apartment complex to the
next appointment we had the coolest miracles! This member either knew
or could relate to everyone we talked to. This one man worked in the
same hospital with our member and they talked and laughed for a while.
We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he almost didn't accept it
until the member said "you have to read it!" And handed it to him.
Members have something that we don't, y'all are powerful tools for
missionary work!!

My testimony of fasting was strengthened ten-fold yesterday. We fasted
for our investigators and our area, to help our brothers and sisters
progress towards baptism and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. We had a few people
lined up to come to church and no one came except the one we least
expected: Kelly!! She walked in at 8:40 and we almost didn't recognize
her. We met her about a month ago and finally had set up an
appointment on Friday which she had to cancel last minute and then she
said she'd come to church. And she did! She stayed all three hours and
she seemed to really enjoy it :) she said she may even bring her 10
year old son next week! Holy cow.

AND THEN as we were wrapping up the evening we went to a scheduled
appointment with a dear member and the investigator wasn't there. Soo
we drove around the corner to our backup plan, knocked on the door,
and the adult daughter of the woman we went to see opened the door.
She looked a little surprised and asked who we were. Very simply we
explained and asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ
with her. She goes "oh yes! Let me gather my children!" What. She
closes the door and we hear multiple voices in the background and then
she reopens it and we see 6 people sitting on their couch. They set up
chairs for us and all looked at us expectantly. It was twin sisters
and their 4 kids as well as a friend and her child (who turns 8 on
Sunday haha). We taught them the restoration and the spirit was SO
strong. The children asked amazing questions and everyone understood.
I can't even describe it, it was so great. After answering questions
about the restoration the kids even went and asked a ton of questions
about the Plan of Salvation! We laughed and explained that we will
teach that next time :) we are so excited!!!! Please please please
pray for these wonderful families :)

Sorry this is eternally long. I am so excited about each of the people
and the experiences we've had this week. The work is moving forward in
the FOM and throughout the world. I'd like to challenge each of you to
decide on a date when you can have someone taught by the missionaries
in your home. It's a life changing experience for your friends being
taught, for you, and the missionaries. D&C 50:22' "Wherefore, he that
preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are
edified and rejoice together." And that's the joy of the gospel :)

I love you all so much! Thank you for all that you do. I hope you have
a fantastic week!! Thanks for the emails and letters and support. Go
forth and be strong <3

Sister Woolley

Monday, February 15, 2016

Witnessing the Power of the Atonement

Hey everyone!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and a happy Valentine's Day! <3
and a shout out to my step dad who had his birthday on Saturday! I
hope it was a great one, Dave :)

Whew this week just flew by. Some fun and random info of this week.
For Valentine's Day a family in the Ward made us chocolate covered
strawberries for dinner last night so that was pretty exciting. Also,
we had Zone Training Meeting on Thursday and because we cover two
zones of sisters we attended both. Therefore, we got to drive an hour
through Orlando to the chapel, give a training then drive another hour
back to our chapel, grab a super quick lunch, and stay for another two
hours of trainings woohoo! It's always good to be around the other
missionaries though :) we have a new "Mission Culture" that we now
have memorized and are pumped about! pretty cool stuff.

Well yesterday was super exciting because we got our gator Marvin to
come to church! He's been investigating forever and hasn't come in a
while so everyone was excited to see him there. Also, one of the less
actives we're working with came and stayed ALL three hours. Ah I was
so happy.

We got to teach a lot this week. We taught Nick and Chris the Plan of
Salvation and oh my goodness they just loved it. Nick said a spark
went off inside him and "the Mormons got a point" haha and Chris just
had a light in his eyes. The gospel really can change lives people! I
love it.

Also! Funny story. We are teaching a Haitian man but there is hardly
anyone in our Ward who speaks creole or French (frustrating) and I
wish I knew French (bonjour!) soo we went to his home and showed him
the Restoration video in French. Haha. But it was still really cool!
And he's letting us come back with a Haitian member :)

Last night we had a really sweet experience. It was very sad but very
powerful. A returning member we're working with came to us with a
problem she's going to and seeking help on how to repent. We had a
SUPER powerful lesson about repentance and the Savior's Atonement.
HOLY COW GUYS. Repentance is so real and so powerful. We can literally
turn our lives around and the Savior will take away the pain and
guilt. He can and will help. We watched Because of Him with her and
just bore testimony of how much the Lord loves her and is right there
for her with open arms. I'm so grateful to be in the position I'm in
to be able to assist her in this process <3

Well, that's all for today. I just love this gospel so much. I am so
grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that the He lives. He
cares for each of us and if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will
be happy in this life and the next :) stay strong! Love you all. Hope
to hear from you soon!

Sister Woolley

one of the greatest couples in the ward who got sealed on Saturday yay!
annd me and Sis. Burnette <3 
Sorry for the millions of pictures just of me and my companions... I'll try to 
take some more unique ones haha. 
Love ya'll!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mine angles will be round about you

Hey ya'll!

Well, here is the close of another great transfer! For the first time my whole mission (minus when I was being trained and when I trained) I'm staying with my companion for another transfer! Sister Burnette and I are really excited for this next transfer and I'm happy to set some new goals!

This area is really progressing. The members are amazing! Just yesterday everyone in church seemed to be talking about missionary work. Our bishopric member bore his testimony on it and the experience he had when he came out with us and it was legit! It made me really grateful to know that these members are willing to back up the work we put in.  

On Thursday we had our Missionary Leadership Council and it was Sister Berry's birthday so President Berry called us with a special assignment to order a cake for her! haha. It was a lot of fun and she was quite surprised. :) 

Also! Funny moment. When we did service at the food bank on Wednesday we literally sorted meat for three hours. Never in my life did I think I'd be sorting meat on my mission woohoo!

So our wonderful returning member we've been working with went to church for the third time in a row and is all set to go to the temple! She had us over for dinner on Friday and it was the sweetest thing :) 

So investigator wise we have a lot of people to teach! We're struggling with getting them to church but nonetheless we're working hard. Slowly but surely we're seeing success in this area.

I've been pondering a lot on how my testimony has grown on my mission and the things I've learned. This week I'm really focusing on being led by the Spirit in all things. I have such a strong testimony of the power of the spirit and how the Lord will help us in this work. This morning I was reading in the Doctrine and Covenants 84:88. I think that's the most comforting, to know that the Lord will be with me every step of the way no matter what happens. I have come to grow so close to my Savior since coming on my mission and my only hope is that I will continue to strengthen my relationship and faith in Him.

I love you all! Thanks for all you do and don't forget to read the Book of Mormon! Hope to hear from ya'll next week.

Sister Woolley

Monday, February 1, 2016

We aren't nuns...

Hello hello everyone!! Happy February, woah. 

Well this week was another fantastic week :) We've seen quite a few miracles! 

Yesterday Sister Burnette and I sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" in sacrament meeting. fun stuff! As we were singing, our investigator, Reza, walked in the door. We probably had the biggest smiles on our faces but that was a sweet sight :)

Our mission has finally implemented Just Serve. It's a way for people to get involved in doing community service. Our zone will now be helping out at a food bank every Wednesday, just for a few hours. We did it this week and it was super fun! We got to sort and package food for families woohoo! 

On Thursday we had miracles one right after another. We went to find people who had previously met with missionaries and in turn found a less active man and his family who just moved to the area, no records here. That was just really cool to be able to see how the Lord places people into our paths for us to find. 

Last Sunday we finally had an appointment with an investigator we found a few weeks ago. It was one of those that I saw in the areabook and felt like we should go see. We got to meet with him, his name is Chris, and when we showed up for our appointment his friend Nick was there, just moved in 6 days prior. So we taught them last Sunday and again on Thursday. They just soaked up the Restoration. Both just want new starts and it really hit me that we literally help people learn about Jesus Christ's Atonement and how it can help them personally. That's something I've come to learn. Often times we don't see His Atonement as a personal thing. But Jesus Christ actually knows us all personally and can and will help us if we turn to Him. :) So these two men came to the elders' baptism on Saturday and loved it. 
A funny thing that happened with them... they said "we can't lie to nuns!" to which we responded "wrong church!" They had been calling us the nuns all week hahah. oops.
So please pray for Chris and Nick!! :)

Another neat experience this week. An appointment we had set up for Friday night fell through so we went to visit this family we met pulling out of their driveway a few weeks ago. We stopped by and the wife let us right in! We taught them, they committed to baptism, and then referred us to a family of 9. what. so we'll see what happens there too!

I hope the stories made sense haha. I get excited about the people we're working with. I just love what we do. So much. We had dinner with a Finnish family in the ward last night. We shared with them the First Vision and asked how each of them came to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I don't think the Spirit has been stronger in a member's home ever. It was so special. It just made me think of how each of us needs to be sure we have a firm testimony. And when we do get that testimony we need to continue to work at making it stronger and stronger. We have the greatest blessing in the entire world, and that is knowledge of the restored gospel!! 

I love you all. Thank you for everything, have an amazing week :) 

Sister Woolley 

cats at a less active's last night...
ALSO. Remember Leroy, Felicia and Con from Belleveiw? THEY GOT BAPTIZED. AH.