Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 1

HELLO family and friends! 

How is everyone!? The MTC is AMAZING. I don't even know where to start. The phrase, "The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days" would basically sum up my first week here. Well, it hasn't even been a week!
The first day was INSANE, in a good way! Seriously, it's all a blur haha. We are so crazy busy here that there isn't even a second to think about emotions so after saying goodbye to my lovely mother, sister, and grandma, it was non stop. I LOVE my companion, Sister Guynn (pronounced penguin without the pen)!! She's actually from my ward last winter so that's pretty cool! We're both going to Orlando together. She's the best. My District is also SO amazing! The other two sisters are the sweetest girls ever and we have so much fun. The four Elders are so awesome! They have the coolest stories and by the second day we all agreed that we feel like we've known each other for ever. One of my favorite parts about the first day was when we were singing "Army of Helamen (wow I can't spell) and they changed the last line to "We are now the Lord's missionaries" OH MY GOODNESS Sister Guynn and I were crying from happiness. Guys, every single day I put on my name tag it brings the biggest smile to my face. Wearing it with Christ's name on it is the biggest privilege ever and I am so happy to be here.
So, super cool side note! My cousin, Brennan Leininger has been here for about two weeks and we see each other all the time! I love it :) he's doing super well! Also, Nick Ord from the singles ward back home (my brother's doppleganger, it's kinda freaky haha) came in the same day I did and we too see each other all the time!
So what do we do all day? We wake up at "6:30" (more like 6 if you actually want to get ready) and go to breakfast at 7. Then we study. Oh my goodness who knew studying could be so powerful! In class one of our teachers, Sister Wells, had us do what we call a "Book of Mormon read". We sat in a circle and everyone thought of a couple of questions we had then we just read a chapter from the BofM. Talk about powerful! Everyone had questions answered. The Spirit is SO strong here. Definitely one of my favorite things about this amazing place. We pray all the time and I've never felt closer to my Heavenly Father than I do here.
We have Gym time some days and it's so much fun to finally be active! We sit like all day and getting our energy out feels so great. Our District (which, for those who don't know, is just a group of 8 of us missionaries that we go to class with) plays volleyball together most of the time. It really helps keep us sane haha :) 
Sunday was SO great. No classes, just church meetings and it was glorious. We got to walk over to the Provo temple and it was such a beautiful day! We're inside a lot so I cherish the sun shine... thank goodness I'll be in an extremely sunny place! Speaking of which, I leave on Monday, 4:35 in the morning. I thought 6am was bad haha. 
Monday was SO SUPER COOL. Our District had the opportunity to teach actual investigators! (well, they might be members of the church or they might not be, we don't know). We were SO nervous beforehand but it went SO well. Sister Guynn and I were ecstatic! Then we met up with our District later and the joy on everyone's faces was just like the scripture "How great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father". Bringing someone closer to Christ is an indescribable feeling of joy! 
I know this is so long and I'm sorry I just have so much to say! Like I said, I feel like it's been 6 weeks, not 6 days haha. Bear with me a little longer!
Today's P-day (preparation day) has been the greatest thing! We got to go to the temple this morning and it was SO peaceful. I love the temple. GO THERE! Letters and packages literally make our days a thousand times better so make sure you all write me ;) 
Anyways, I want to share with you all something I wrote in my journal Sunday night about missionary work:
"It's hard, but I love the feeling of being a full-time representative of Christ. The Spirit that comes with this is something that I cherish and love and never want it to leave." I'm making the most of every single day.
I LOVE YOU ALL! Stay strong! No matter what the trials are in your life, 'cause we all have them, turn to God. He wants to hear from you. 

Much love!
Sister Woolley

Monday, January 19, 2015

Saying goodbye

Hello! Heather here, Sister Woolley's big sis. I'll be posting weekly emails and photos that we receive from her. We said goodbye to Sister Woolley last Wednesday. She was so excited and ready to enter the MTC! Here are some photos of the day she left!