Monday, March 30, 2015

Rain, alligators, and Pocahontas

This week just flew by! Talk about miracles galore!

So we had quite a few adventures this week. For one, we biked a TON
because, well, end of the month equals not very many miles on our car
(we only get about 875 miles a month and our area is pretty big). We
biked to miss Mildred's one day and had such a cool lesson! Awesome
lesson with her! And then the rain just started pouring... Well we
biked home in it and my oh my were we soaked! Haha. Thank goodness
there was no lightning. That's a day to remember!

Wednesday was wayyy cool! We had a District meeting all about inviting
people to be baptized- it's so important! Christ would do it, so why
shouldn't we? We call ourselves Patient Persistent Pests :) haha.
Miracle from that day? We invited 3 people to be baptized!! Back story
of our friend named J: we handed him a pass along card (he was on the
phone) as we walked into a store to talk to our gator Freddie. Well
when we walked out of the store he said "what's this about?", pointing
to the Book of Mormon on the back of the card. At that exact moment
our bishops son, who just got off his mission, was walking down the
street with his girlfriend. They met, we got an appointment for the
next day, and invited him to be baptized April 18!!!! He's awesome.
We'll see what happens, pray for him!

Another cool thing: we were having dinner with Betty on Friday night
and we had planned to give her a baptismal date. Well out of the blue
she just tells her she was thinking of having Brother Darrow (our ward
mission leader) baptize her! We were aghast. Like for reals!? AWESOME.
I love her.

So the mission is awesome. Here in the Florida Orlando Mission, we are
one of the few missions testing out iPads! They're so sweet! The new
Easter video came out a few days ago, because he lives, and we get to
show it to everyone we meet on the streets! There's so much power in
it. Picture this: a busy road, we're biking on the sidewalk, there's a
man shoveling, we stop and show him the video. Despite the cars going
by and the loud noises, the spirit was so strong when he was watching

Testimony meeting yesterday was all about Joseph smith basically. It
was prophesied that his name would be had for good and evil. How true
is that. If you don't have a testimony of him, get one. He was called
of God. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I'm so grateful for this
knowledge in my life.

On a funny note: Jerome's line "I looooove cats." That's the only
thing he said after watching Because He lives hahaha. Annnnd we biked
like 15 miles on Saturday whooo. Saw some awesome old fashioned cars
turned into boats. Way cool, I'll send pics if I can.

Saw my first live ALLIGATOR!

Watch conference this weekend! Happy Easter!!!!!!!! ❤️

Sister Woolley

P.S. Met a man who was intoxicated last week... Said I looked like
Pocahontas. Couldn't stop laughing. And a member made us take three
servings of shepherds pie. Mom, at least you know I'm not starving!

 drenched after biking home in the rain 
raked for 5 hours and bagged 62 bags of leaves!!

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