Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Puerto Ricans, biking, and life

Woah. What a week! The first three days of this new transfer were literally FULL of MIRACLES. Seriously, we'd go to bed at night just in awe about all that was thrown in our path. Things were in full swing for Mildred's baptism and we got three new 'gators at the first house we stopped to tract at. WOOH! Then miss Mildred was hit by some lovely anti-Mormon lies and didn't want to see us anymore.. Seriously? Ugh. So sad. She's now completely confused and the only thing we can tell her is to pray and read the Book of Mormon and to decide for herself where she feels the Spirit. She wouldn't come to church on Sunday.. no baptism. :(
Oddly enough! Both Sis. Jensen and I felt okay about her not getting baptized. I think it was alright because she obviously doesn't have as strong of a testimony as she needs and it's better this happened before being baptized then after. Here's a funny explanation of her - "She's a Jehova's Witness who eats at the Baptist church daily, studies with the Seventh Day Adventists and is committed to being baptized into the Mormon church" Talk about confusion. Ready for the miracle that came from her bailing on our Wednesday night lesson? WE MET OUR NEIGHBORS.
You'd think we would have gone over there earlier... but it was such PERFECT timing. We were walking up the street to see if our neighbor Edwin was home and as we walked by another house (one where we had waved to these people a lot but never talked to) the man, named John, came out and was so happy to see us! We walked up and introduced ourselves and, in his broken English (Puerto Rican), he said "come in come in you must meet my wife and son!". As you can imagine, us missionaries LOVE hearing that. Wow, they are so solid. They loved it all and said they feel the Spirit with us and yay! Also, they have the sweetest cerepral palsy son.
 After a really tough day (super hot, biking all day, doors slammed in our faces) on Saturday we went to their house for a lesson and they surprised us with a Puerto Rican dinner! So sweet. They kept saying "my home is your home. we are family" and they showed us their hammock outside ha.
Sorry this is so long haha.
Today we found the coolest taco truck! So authentic. Super legit. (see pic below)

Prayer miracle! While at the Puerto Rican's house we were showing them a video about the Restoration and it would not work. It was skipping and pausing. So, we said a prayer. The second Sis. Jensen said amen it worked! That was cool. 

I'm just extremely grateful for the Spirit. There's nothing better than being in a lesson and listening for promptings of the Spirit to tell you what to say. Also nothing better than having a 'gator pray for the first time. There's just nothing better than missionary work. It was a tough week but so wonderful.
Thanks for the prayers! Keep the letters coming ;) Look up Mosiah 14:4-5 - I literally share that with everyone. And watch the new video Because He Lives-- SO AMAZING. Have a happy week and remember I'm praying for and love you all. Also, look at Mosiah 10 and think of it in relation to us in the modern day. SO COOL.
Sister Woolley

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