Monday, April 27, 2015

Trio Maddness

Hello family and friends!!

How are all you beautiful people?? Thanks for all the emails and love <3 pictures are cherished and greatly appreciated!

Soo this week was the first of the transfer--- I'm in trio! That was unexpected. Jensen and I walked in to the apartment last week after P-day and there was a third bed put into the room! Yikes. First off, that meant that the Assistants or whomever came into our house without us knowing (thank goodness we cleaned). 

Now I'm here with Sister Sparks and Sister Harthun! They're both from Northern California which is cool. TOTAL opposites, one's really shy and one is super loud and crazy haha. We have fun. I'm driving now too! That's pretty cool. I've been pretty stressed this last week leading in the area and showing them around and all. No worries though it's great!

Super neat miracle--- MILDRED came to church!!! woot woot! We had a lesson with her and Jerome and after reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon with them Jerome said "I feel peace". YES. Inside I'm dying from excitement. He didn't make it to church sadly but Mildred was so happy to be there again! Pray for her <3

We got some cool new investigators this week! Both times our appointments all fell through. Just last night we were walking down a street after trying to see a potential gator and a Less Active family and ugh neither opened the door. I was slightly frustrated with myself and everything and as we turned from the house I just thought "Okay. We're on this street. Why are we here? Who needs us Heavenly Father?" walked to the end of the street and we spotted a house with the garage door open and a few guys just hanging out there. Alright here we go! Sister Sparks pushed me up front and we went for it. "Hey guys!" and then one said "I've met you before" whatttt. Just two days ago we rolled down our window at a red light and told him to check out Coincidence? NOPE! They were really cool. Talked a bit then asked them to watch Because He Lives. They had their eyes glued to the video as I was holding it. Then we taught them the Restoration. They sat there listening and asking questions. It was so cool. So COOL! When ever will I be able to go up to a garage of random people and show them a video of Christ and teach them the restoration?? And have them respect me. The spirit's real. being a missionary is AWESOME. 

Random funny stories--- I accidentally ran over a little bird and killed it... I was heart broken! Ugh. 
There was a snake at the base a tree and a lady poked it and it literally jumped out at us! that was freaky. 

Gotta run! Keep smiling. People notice the Spirit with you. Don't be afraid to share your testimony- it will change someone's life! Super sweet. Love you all and never forget how much God loves you!

Sister Woolley 

 teaching waffle house employees! 
The trio! Sister Sparks + Sister Harthun :) 
Horton Hears A Who flowers

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Whoville and waffles

Hey everyone!!!

Not really sure where to start today! So for starters, transfers are
tomorrow and I get to stay in Leesburg!!! I'll be getting a new comp
so Jensen will be heading out. It's been good! I'm excited yet a bit
nervous for a new one.

So something really funny that happened this week was when we were
trying to find a potential investigator. We went to his house and he
wasn't home so we tracted a bit. Had a good laugh when one of the guys
who opened the door simply said "Not interested, byyyyye!" And closed
the door. Sad he doesn't give it a chance but we thought it was funny
:) across the street were some flowers that looked just like the ones
in Horton Hear's a Who! Took some funny pictures, I'll try to send em
later! And then the house right next door had the coolest guy there
and we get to meet with him tomorrow! Woot woot! Pray for us!

We got to have interviews with the mission president this week. Ah
he's just the sweetest! What's neat is you can tell he just really
loves you and I'm super grateful for a mission president like him.

Miracles from following promptings!! We were driving to a less
active's house and passed by a Harley Davidson and Jensen spotted a
guy sitting outside on his break (who looks like my uncle Clayton
which was chill!) so we pulled over and awkwardly (when is it not
awkward?) walked up to him. But he way way cool!!! There was that
spark in his eyes when he watched the He Lives Easter video :) but he
lives outside our area so we're praying missionaries find him again!

Another miracle-- Jensen and I were talking about going to Waffle
House before transfers cause they're all over Florida and apparently
it's the thing to do (not all that great) and she wanted to go one
night so we went and thank goodness we did! There was hardly anyone in
there and so the two employees just sat down and started chatting to
us and they were really interested in what we do! Yay for awesome
people and following promptings!

This week I really learned about Heavenly Father's love for us. I'm so
focused on helping other people feel His love that I kind of had to
remind myself about His love for me too! Guys, it's just awesome.
There are so many people on this earth and our Father in Heaven loves
each of us and knows us all PERFECTLY. He most definitely knows us
better than we know ourselves too. Never forget that!!

Something funny- I've gotten a ton of different names here haha. So
far we have Woolsy, Worley, Wolly... Ha.

Aww so remember our old man Frank?? He broke his ankle two days ago!
Very sad. But his daughter was extremely grateful for us coming over a
lot and the smile on his face when he saw us was just precious.

Dale is making progress! We pray he gets baptized this transfer! He's
so sweet. Not sure how much I've told ya'll, but he is having trouble
believing in Christ but he loves the Book of Mormon and has the
kindest heart. Pray that he'll make it to church!!

Well I can't really think of anything else to say. I love you all SO
much and miss you a ton. I'm so grateful to be here and wouldn't
change it for the world. Thank you for all of the encouragement ya'll
have give me and for all the emails and updates. I'm praying for ya
everyday. ❤️

Sister Woolley

Monday, April 13, 2015

Baptism, laughs, golden gators

Best week yet!!!

So for starters- BETTY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! Indescribably awesome. She was just SO happy this week! On Wednesday we got to go to the temple and have a little temple tour with her. She can't wait to go inside and do baptisms next week. We got to go in the waiting room of the temple with her and she said she felt the Spirit SO strong - it was so peaceful. The day of her baptism was so great. Jensen and I put together a musical number (last time I got to play the flute!). We performed Come Thou Fount. Favorite song! shout out to my brother for singing it at his farewell a few years ago and making it my favorite. Practice went well! But when the time came the A/C was blowing and blew all of Jensen's sheet music down while she was playing and I threw in a few weird notes and the Elders were laughing haha. Betty and everyone loved it but Jensen and I just sat down laughing :D She's officially a member and is SO happy! Church is true guys.

So last P-day we played volleyball like all day with our district. super fun! And then we sang A Child's Prayer for a member that came by randomly :) 

Well we had quite a shocker last week--- we drove to our 'gator's house randomly (thanks to the spirit's guidance) and, well, it was kind of burnt to the ground. No joke. We were in shock! Turns out there was a fire a couple of days before Easter. Everyone is okay thank goodness. We went in to see the older lady at the hospital (she broke her collarbone) and she was so happy to see us. Praying things go okay for them!

Oh my goodness our investigator's are just awesome! Yesterday we read Alma 40 with J. and he straight up said he needs to make changes and prepare himself. He missed Betty's baptism but when we called he said "I hope I can come see another. Maybe it'll be my own". He's awesome.
Frank is such a sweetheart. He's the old man we walk dogs with :) yesterday he too had such an open heart and things are making sense for him. He said "I bet God is so happy you're working for Him" awww it made me almost cry!

I'm so happy to be a missionary. It's amazing, being able to watch these people's lives change. The gospel is so precious and free for everyone! It just takes an open heart and humility :) 

Side note: Sister Jensen and I have just been laughing all the time this week - which is so nice to be having fun while doing work :) We've gotten to the point where we can basically read each others' minds haha. we were eating dinner at Betty's and the meat was really rare... like really pink. We just looked at each other and busted up laughing. 

Oh! another funny thing - we tracted a couple of house after seeing a Less Active and the first one who opened the door was a Jehova's witness. She proceeded to preach to us and then gave us her card to check out the website... awkward 'cause that's what we tell people to do. So we took it and moved on. Next house we went to the guy was nice but not interested. So I said "can we leave a card with you??" As I pulled out what should have been the card he said "no I'm okay" and thank goodness for that because it was actually the J-Witness card I pulled out! oops! we had a good laugh. 

Love you all! Thanks for all the emails, love, and support :) Keep being awesome!!

Sister Woolley

P.S. blind mosquitoes are nasty--- welcome to Florida where there are three seasons "Summer, hurricanes, and snowbird season" <333

Betty's baptism! 

Elder Wilson playing Sister Woolley's flute and Sister Jensen sanitized it
District P-day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference, Easter, and grits

Hello Family and Friends!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Easter is the "most sacred holiday" as Holland (I believe it was) said at General Conference. Speaking of which: How did ya'll like general conference!? Oh my, best thing ever. As a missionary, it's like Christmas but it's twice a year as opposed to once ;) haha. It seriously was so inspiring. We had two of our gators (Betty and J) there, both of which just LOVED it. How could you not? 

Betty is ready to be baptized on Saturday! It's been the coolest thing watching her gain a testimony and testifying of the strength she'll receive from the Holy Ghost when she's baptized. YAY Also, the prophet talked about temples in conference and she just LOVES the temple. I can't wait to go with her!!

So from General Conference and things that happened this week I'm thinking a lot more of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It's SO important to have a strong testimony of Him and I hope everyone knows that He is literally there for you and loves you deeply. It's so sad, some of our 'gators are just trying to develop a testimony that He was the Savior of the world. Ultimately, it's their decision to act- to pray and read the Book of Mormon and it's our responsibility to promise them they'll receive an answer. And they will!! I've seen it happen. It's all the little things though: read the Book of Mormon and PRAY. Once you already have a testimony- keep it strong! 

On a funnier note: we went to see our new 'gator Chase on Friday! He's from Philadelphia and we met him at the library a week or so ago. Our Bishop's son came with us to see him and we had quite the adventure! haha. We walked up and he wasn't home right when we got there... wait for it... the Lord always has perfect timing :D Chase walked up a couple minutes later holding a puppy! Turns out it was a stray. So the four of us new friends, 'gator, RM, and two missionaries, walked across town to the police department to return this lost puppy whom we affectionately named Spot. It was a funny situation to be in, especially hearing Chase describe it to his mom on the phone. Hopefully it's semi-entertaining for whoever is reading this haha :) He got a Book of Mormon and was excited about it too! Turns out the puppy's name is actually Leeroy and he's safe and home now :) 

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but there's another Sister Woolley in my Zone! And we showed up to a training meeting matching exactly... so that was funny :) 

It's really neat seeing how the Spirit works. I know I talk about it a lot. But guys, it's SO REAL. J. also loved conference and we gave him a tour around the church which he was just absorbed in! He looked at all the pictures we had in the building and just stared at them as we testified about it all. :D Gives me a huge smile.

Things are going really well! We have two weeks of the transfer left and I pray that we'll keep having success in good ole Leesburg.

Oh!!!!!!! Dale was in the hospital this weekend for some internal problems. Sad, he couldn't come to conference but he accepted having a priesthood blessing! We've talked about the priesthood a lot with him and offered a blessing before and he finally wanted one. Four Elders came with us after conference and it was SO cool. Miracles are happening :) his wife, who's been kind of not happy about us coming over to teach him, was super talkative and happy so that's awesome too!

Well, I'll probably think of more later but that's all for now folks. I pray for ya'll everyday. I love each one of you, thanks for the wonderful example you've been to me. 

Sister Woolley

P.S. before the priesthood session of conference the men had a huge dinner that they invited us too.... consisted of pancakes, bisquits and gravy, sausage, and grits or "georgia ice cream" as he likes to call it. oh boy. stomachs were not super happy later on hahah. <3333

 returning a lost puppy
Sister Woolley with another Sister Woolley! (and they match...)

Hanging investigator Mildred's laundry & eating grits!