Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 8

Guess who just successfully completed her first transfer! And I get to stay here in good ole Leesburg with my trainer, Sista Jensen :) It's been a miracle filled week!
First off, Mildred is still SUPER excited to get baptized and it just lights up our day when we go over there and she gives us huge hugs. As annoying as missionaries are, it's nice when people enjoy our constant presence haha :D
So Frank. Aww Frank Wells. I believe I told ya'll about that old man we met while biking? He's 82 and just the sweetest man. We stopped by the other day just as he was leaving to walk his two dogs and so we got to walk with him! Yay. Sister Jensen had never walked a dog before so that was exciting. He told us all about how he met his wife (who passed away not too long ago) and we could tell he just really enjoyed our company (**cough cough** the spirit). We went back on Sundayto help him take down his old Christmas decorations. Nothing can outweigh the feeling of when he looked us in the eyes and said "I'll never forget you". I just about lost it! And then we sang "I Stand All Amazed" to him and well, then I started crying. Solo for Jensen!! hahah. The Spirit was so strong, we're just praying he'll pick up the Book of Mormon and find interest. Going back Thursday!!
The Elders had another baptism on Wednesday that we sang at again-whoohoo! Then we went to dinner with a Jewish man. He was funny. The restraunt though... not exactly missionary appropriate :o
If you're looking for a laugh:
My comp and I talk about this a lot. WE ARE SO AWKWARD. Seriously. Guys, where did my social skills go? hahah oh the life of a missionary. It's awesome :)
I've learned SO much about humility this week. The Lord is changing me into who he wants me to become. It's cool to see. It's hard to go through. But there's nothing better than being one the Lord is working through to touch others' lives. Seriously. This work is awesome. This work is true.

Pictures! The Elder next to me is being transfered  so we had to take pics haha. We've got Utah State, University of Utah, BYU!!!!, anddd she's thinking UVU haha. They're fun:)
Here's my old man Frank. He's literally like a grandpa, so sweet!
I love you all! Keep the letters coming! I'm praying for ya'll <3
Sister Woolley

 Walking Frank's dogs 
"Only in the south"
First baptismal record sheet! The baptism is on her 2 month mark! 

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