Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunshine and 'gators

Hey ya'll!!
SO this week ended pretty awesome. Talk about miracles!! (my favorite thing haha). We had a Zone Conference on Tuesday which was way fun! Got to see ms Lindy Ludlow most of the day so a shout out to her family :) 
Not gonna lie, I was more homesick this week than I've been this whole time. It can only go uphill from there right? haha. It's just forced me to rely on my Savior so much, which is a huge blessing. And the scriptures oh my goodness. I was writing my testimony of the Book of Mormon (which, by the way, everyone should go do right now it's awesome) and I just realized more than ever what a gift it is for us to have it! It was literally written for our day. When you read it, remember that it is God speaking to YOU. Best thing ever.
Fun fact!! The senior missionaries in our ward (best couple ever) rented a flute for me to use for the month :))) So I played in Sacrament meeting with Sister Jensen on the piano! So fun.
Here's a cool story. We stopped by a less active lady out of the blue and she said it made her day. She told us how much she wants to get herself back to the temple. She's gonna make it happen! yay for the Spirit's guidance.
By the way, every less active we saw came to church the next day!!!!!!!!! 

Okay so Sunday. #miracleday. Betty Hicks, our gator came to church again! Whooo. She's so ready to be baptized :) She's like our grandma out here it's so awesome. Annnnd this lady just walked into church (very brave of her in my opinion) and asked what it was all about! She had looked at and thought she'd check it out. She's so cool!
We got to see Mildred again. She told us she was going to be baptized into another church. Agh. BUT. We just bore our testimonies to her of the church then she asked if we could read from the Book of Mormon-- uh yeah! So we shared some of our favorite scriptures (2 Nephi 31:20 and some of Enos 1). then we were crying and the spirit was so strong and she said she'd pray about which church to join. TBD next week ;)
Okay, adorable. Old man Frank (my favorite) was sick earlier this week so we put sticky notes with scriptures and cute sayings all over his door. When we went to see him yesterday he opened the door and said "my friends!" and gave us hugs (oops haha). He had all the sticky notes on his wall in the house! awwww. My heart melted. We sang Come Come Ye Saints with him and he had tears in his eyes too.
We played the flute and piano for a psychiatrist! (we knew his dad but we had just met him that day.) Well, talk about using the talents we've been given ;)

Sorry this is always so long. It still amazes me that I'm a missionary. I'm so blessed and grateful to be here! I love this work. It's hard but rewarding. I hope everything is going well at home. Keep on keeping on!
Sister Woolley
P.S. the new easter video "Because He Lives" will be released on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! Go watch it on woot woot!

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