Monday, May 23, 2016

FTS - Follow the Spirit

Hello family and friends!!

Another glorious week has flown by. I hope you all are happy and well
:) I think I say it every week but we saw SO many miracles I don't
even know where to begin! This area is really picking up and we have
found so many people to teach we're praying hard to help them all

So on Tuesday we had exchanges with the Vero Beach sisters which was
awesome!! We drove down A1A, the highway right along the coast which
was beautiful. I spent the day there with Sister Evans who is in her
second transfer of training and is a boss. We had a ton of fun
together :) she just loves the people and we met a lot of cool people.
One even being a lady walking out of the restroom and I wasn't really
thinking but knew I wanted to talk to her so just called out "have you
heard about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!?" and
turns out she wants to come to church haha. D&C 33, all you gotta do
is open your mouth :) part of these events contained a tornado warning
text from our mission president in the middle of the day telling us to
get inside and basically hide in the closet till it passed. So we did
just that. The rain came down hard but nothing happened (don't worry
momma!). He gave us the okay so we went out proselyting again on the
beach side. We were riding bikes and lo and behold the rain came
POURING down again. So we got drenched... Which is so fun!

We did a lot of service this week and my testimony of service was
strengthen because of it. Heavenly Father pours down so many miracles
when we do service!

Fun fact. On Sunday we were ready to get a new bishop because the
current one is moving to Utah. Well, the stake president gets up there
and beings to read a letter from the First Presidency-- the Ward is
being SPLIT! So they called 2 new bishops, one of the Melbourne Ward
and one of the new Satellite Beach Ward (which I think will be our
area now) so that was crazy! Not sure what we're going to do but
that's alright, change is great!

So, biggest miracle this week. I love tracting and finding, not sure
if I've ever said that before. I've seen the coolest things happen
from tracting (especially tracting around less active members for some
cool reason). Well on Saturday we did a little tracting and went to a
clump of houses I felt inspired to knock, no one answered. Then as we
were walking back we almost walked by another house but we stopped and
went up to it. A woman, Nicole, answered. We told her what we do and
she said she's searching. She invited us back on Sunday. So Sunday
evening we walk in and she has the Restoration pamphlet we gave her
open on her table and her Bible AND THE RESTORATION HOUR LONG MOVIE
PLAYING ON HER TV. And she wasn't doing it just for show. We had one
of he most spiritual lessons of my mission and she accepted baptism
with no hesitation. Holy cow. Words can't even describe. SO COOL. So
please pray for her, because the adversary is going to work hard
against her.

The Lord is so sweet. I try every day to act on the promptings that
come from the Spirit and it's amazing because the Lord has PROMISED
that He will be right here with us. I know He is. He loves us dearly.
Never forget that!

I think one of my favorite things is knowing that by following the
spirit I can be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I saw that a lot
this week. He led us to people who are needing healing and peace, the
healing that comes only through the Atonement of our dear Savior,
Jesus Christ. We have this to offer. We have this to promise people,
if they will open their hearts to it, it's their's.

I love you all. Thanks for the support and love. I'd love to hear from
each of you on how everything is going!

Sister Woolley

Sister Quist and I :)
goats lol :)
Sister Evans and I on exchanges... soaked! 
and with Sister Quist :) 

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