Monday, May 9, 2016

Farewell Olympia

Hey there!!

I hope y'all had an awesome week and a super special Mothers' Day :)
just a shoutout to my fantastic mother. I am so grateful to her for
her hard work and love. Thank you momma for raising me in this
wonderful gospel and teaching me all I know. I love you!!
And a thank you to all the other amazing women out there. Your
influence has shaped me to become who I am today. Thank you!!

And as Elder Holland stated, "Be peaceful. Believe in God and
yourself. You are doing better than you think you are. In fact, you
are saviors on Mount Zion, and like the Master you follow, your love
‘never faileth" ❤

So. What a fantastic week. What an amazing transfer. What a wonderful
past 6 months. Holy cow. I've learned so so much here in Olympia. As
you may have guessed, tomorrow is transfer day and yes, I am sadly
being transferred. I have LOVED my time here on Olympia with my whole
heart and I am extremely grateful for the many opportunities I had to
hear my testimony with power and authority and to influence and be
influenced by the amazing people here in Orlando. They truly are
remarkable. I adore this Ward and everything about it! I'll miss being
by the temple every single day. I'm thankful for the companions I've
had in this area and all they taught me. I'm especially grateful for
sister O'Hara for making this transfer a phenomenal one! We have had
SO much fun. I just can't even begin to describe all of our adventures
together.. But I can try!!

We've worked so hard this last transfer and have seen SO many miracles!!
I'll jump to Friday night real quick. Friday night everything seemed
to fall about down to the member bailing last minute for our lesson
with Alaila. Argh. But we knew the adversary was trying to get us down
so instead we used our time well and marched around that neighborhood
knocking on almost every door and talking to every person we could
see. In return, we found a single mother who seems like she's going
through a hard time and she invited us back. The Lord has His ways!
Then on Saturday we were ready to work as hard as every and heck yes
we did. We taught everyone we saw and the Lord placed some amazing
people into our paths. Random side track: the Lord trusts His
missionaries so much and it's incredible! I'm very grateful for that
too :)

On to the people I get so excited about...
Bill is doing fantastic. He scared us so bad at the beginning of the
week though! He disappeared for 48 hours and we couldn't get in
contact with him (which is very unlike him!). Turns out he had gone to
the hospital, yikes. But all is well and he's good to go. He just
needs to take it easy. We're hoping to get him to the temple this

Alaila just makes me so happy :) she came to church yesterday again!
And she's already planning on going to girls camp with the young women
:) Her mom came too!!! Her mom hasn't been in months because of a bad
car accident BUT SHE CAME. That was really exciting. Alaila is a doll
and I will miss her so much when I go.

Jaime also is just amazing! She went out of town for the week for work
but we got to have lessons over Skype which has been awesome! We had a
cool experience when we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
taught her how to repent. That's always a really spiritual experience.
We invited her to begin repenting daily because we ALL need to be
doing that. And she did! The next lesson she shared her experience and
how she felt so good when she repented, just of the small things too.
I know the Savior can and will help us through any trial no matter how
big or small it is. So, I invite each of you to begin repenting daily
if you are not already! The best way to draw near Jesus Christ and
come to know Him is by using His Atonement daily.

Really we continue to have miraculous experiences each and every day 
and I'm pumped for what this new transfer holds!! 

Thanks for all of your support and love. I love each and every one of you!!

Sister Woolley


Bill! of course. He picked flowers for us :)
And Alaila... she wouldn't look at the camera. She's adorable 

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