Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello everyone!

It seriously feels like it's been a month since last week. A lot has happened this week for sure. First off, remember how I said I wasn't likely to be a Sister Training Leader this transfer. But, it happened. SO it's cool. But here I am now back in the Orlando South zone now (where I spent 4 weeks once haha). I'm in Olympia! The Temple is in our area and that just makes me SO happy. Just to see it brings peace :) I'm serving with the beautiful Sister Arsenault and she is AMAZING. She is practically my sister's twin. No joke. They look and talk the same. I showed her pictures of Heather (I love you sis!) and she even thinks they look alike. So basically we're getting along great and it's nonstop laughter with her I love it. Much needed. 

Also, it's finally cooling down and I can't believe it but Thanksgiving is this week! We found a Christmas tree in our apartment and decorated it this morning :) yay! It really is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!! It rained everyday this week and it was glorious. Our first day together we tracted a bit in the rain and this man with a mobile dog grooming business gave us towels to dry off with haha. 

We saw quite a few miracles this week with Less Actives. We brought a member with us to see a Less Active, Brother Machado, and it was PERFECT. They spoke Portuguese together and the spirit was so strong. yay for members. Also we teach a few children here and I am NOT used to that haha. It's fun and their cute but basically my whole mission thus far has been teaching older people.. so needless to say I've got a learning curve. Also, since coming to Orlando we've received at least three phone calls in Spanish... sorry, no hablo Espanol! one day. 

Because of new area, new calling, new companion, new ward, new everything I have sought a lot of peace through prayer and the Book of Mormon. I can't even describe my love for the Book of Mormon! I have learned a lot about the way the Lord answers prayers this week. In the new Ensign there's an article that talks about just basking in the warmth of the spirit through prayer. I can't really explain it but it was comforting. ALSO! I'm learning a lot from Sister Arsenault about the JOY that the gospel brings. Read Mosiah 2 about verse 14 on and as it talks about the secret to finding happiness. I just love it. 

Well everyone, thanks for everything ya'll do! I love you all SO much. Have a happy Thanksgiving and remember what's most important. I am so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ, my family, and the gospel. 

Sister Woolley

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