Monday, August 3, 2015

"I looked and saw four angels...gracias"

 August? What. I'm convinced time isn't even a real thing. ("time is only measured to man") yeah, it flies.

So this week was seriously miracle packed. We decided to drop one of our 'gators, sadly, but we know it's for the best. Since that decision, SO much good happened. We found new 'gators who are super awesome and we're so excited about them! And we've actually been getting quite a few referrals which is rare! yay members! This ward is so great, I love them. 

On Wednesday we got to go to a service project that the youth were doing, so fun! We went up to a lake, Lake Weir, and painted a dock and the bathrooms. The Young Men's president introduced us to the manager of the place and we got to teach him about the Book of Mormon. And eat peach cobbler. It was pretty great. 

We completely ran out of miles for our car so we had a fun time tracting/visiting former investigators in the pouring rain. I love the rain, so all was well. But, we called up an AMAZING recent convert and she came with us to visit some Less Active members. What a success! One of them we stopped by (husband is a member, wife is not) and they pulled up as we knocked on their door. She stayed in the car (not so happy to see us) and he came out to meet us. Quickly invited him to the pioneer Day activity on Saturday and left. To be continued...

Then we got to finally see another AWESOME part member couple :) the less active husband basically taught his wife the whole restoration with us there and his testimony is so strong. I have high hopes about them! 

Saturday was our Pioneer Day party! yay. Such a good turnout! Remember that less active man and his not-so-happy wife? THEY SHOWED UP. We, and his home teacher, were SHOCKED. and she was so nice! They had a great time :) Also, some of our 'gators came and it was just so fun. 

Last thing, last night we called up our Spanish Returning Members, the Barretos, to ask if they could come with us to a lesson before going to their house. Lesson fell through so we popped by a former investigator, Alberone. He speaks mainly Portugese but Spanish pretty well and a bit of English. We got to meet with him and he said he needs God in his life. He said that when we knocked he didn't hear it because the TV was on, but something told him he needed to check the front door. He looked out the window and saw "four angels". He had been praying before and then we showed up. We testified of God's love for him and that we were sent to him. This is just a testimony to me that because we're working hard and striving to follow the Spirit, Heavenly Father really will work through us. 

Funny quote from that night: 
"Yo dego, hambre! nooo hombre!" (I said hungry, not man!) Spanish gone wrong

Things are great! God is good and Florida is amazing. I love this place and these people. Thank you everyone for the support and emails and prayers and love. It means the world to me. Never forget how much God loves each of you. <3

Sister Woolley 

pretty place in Oxford :) 
lunch with Betty
pioneer day!
one of the members has a pig!

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