Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"I just want to be a Latter-Day Saint SO badly!"

Another week gone by and SO much has happened! On Tuesday we had interviews with our mission President and the first thing after we said a prayer he looks at me and says, "Sister Woolley I'm going to ask you a question" "Okay, President" "I'm going to ask you to train." WOAH. Hello. So, sadly Sister Fairbanks will be transferring and I'll be getting my baby tomorrow! Crazy. 

Last P-day we spent with our district at the church eating pizza and grapes and played Telestrastions. If you don't know what it is, figure it out and play it because it's the best! Especially with missionaries hahaha. We got "when pigs fly" which turned into "Dinosaur on the fourth of july". In total it was hilarious but I guess you had to be there too. Oh, also, one of the greenie elders took a picture for us sisters with Sister Berry (President's wife) and said "gorgeous!" ..."Oh, I guess I'm not supposed to say that" lol. I love mission life.

On to more official news:
We finally had a legit lesson with our gator Seaford, a cool Jamaican guy, and he is so awesome! He also came to Book of Mormon class Wednesdaynight and we went early to do a church tour with him which he LOVED. The Spirit was so strong as we sat in the chapel and talked about the sacrament :) he wants to be baptized but it may take him a while because he has a lot in his life that he needs to figure out before he wants to commit to a baptismal date.

We got a media referral this week and most of the time it was a friend who referred the person so they aren't all that interested but THIS was amazing. We went by to bring her a Bible (which she had requested) and at first her husband answered and said she probably wouldn't want to talk because her daughter passed away last month :( but we told him we had her bible so then she came to the door. Poor lady. But she was so wonderful. We asked how she ended up on Mormon.org and she doesn't know! But she's been on it a ton looking for answers to where he daughter is now. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she just about cried and hugged us. She said to come back at the end of the month. Prayers for her please!

Okay so Jimmy. Jimmy is LEGIT. I've never seen anyone like him! We met him a couple weeks back through another investigator and told him to watch the Restoration video which we gave to his friend, not thinking a ton about it. Followed up a couple of times and he hadn't watched it. Said he'd come to church last week and he didn't. Sooo as a final thing we stopped by after church last Sunday and he was really apologetic and said he'd watch it and come to FHE tomorrow. YOU GUYS. He watched it THREE TIMES. He loved it. He loved FHE. We taught him and he wants to change. He asked US for a Book of Mormon. He remembers everything he reads, and he reads EVERYDAY from the Book of Mormon. He came to Stake Conference this last weekend and LOVED it. The Spirit is so strong whenever we teach him. And he prayed yesterday to know if he should just go back to his other church and he said he received a "no". He knows this is where God wants him. On the phone with him last night he says, "I just want to be a Latter-Day Saint SO badly!" He's amazing. He's excited for baptism, and we know he can get there this next month!!! :) please pray for him as well. 
Fun quote from him on the phone mid-sentence: "wow! that's so pretty! I'm sitting outside and just saw lightning across the sky!"

I think it was Wednesday last week, but we spent a couple hours tracting in such bad heat it was miserable. But, as one of my favorite scriptures directs (Ether 12:6) you receive the witness AFTER your faith is tested and lo and behold we found three new investigators that day and three different people gave us water :) yay nice people. One of the new gators is from Puerto Rico and is SO sweet. Her and her sister met with us and feel like it's from God :) 

Sorry for the eternally long descriptions, but I'm SO EXCITED. We have worked so hard this last transfer, almost starting from scratch and doing all we could. Heavenly Father is so sweet and has blessed us so much. We're just trying to work hard and he makes everything work out.

We had stake conference this last weekend and Elder Nielsen from the 70s came to speak to us. Also, the members are fantastic and have helped out us and our 'gators SO much this week. yay Belleview :) One experience with a member, Sister Brown, the gps took us off roading oops. Annnd another day we accidentally went on a huge dirt road in the pouring rain and almost got stuck. That would have been fun. The house we were going to had 5 pitbulls that freaked out when we walked up and if they hadn't been chained up probably would have hospitalized us. yep. thanks for the protection Heavenly Father!

I know this is long, I wish you all could just be here and see what I see! I am SO happy and SO thankful to be on a mission. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here and strengthened my testimony of the years. There's no place I'd rather be :) I've already changed so much and I only pray that I can continue to become more like my Savior everyday. 

Have a wonderful week!!!

Sister Woolley


The district after telestrations. 
Sister Fairbanks and I <3

the district after telestrations
Sister Woolley + Sister Fairbanks
 how the Elders give them Book of Mormons
 Olga + Josh! one of her favorite families in the ward, the Barretos! Josh is a recent convert and his mom, Olga is a returning member. 
 district + zone leaders after interviews
one of our members :) 

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