Monday, July 27, 2015

This is how you toss the shoe


Been around lots of Hispanics this week :D

What great week it was! For starters, we got to do a session at the Orlando temple Friday morning and ahh words cannot DESCRIBE how amazing it was and how much I miss going to the temple! It was gorgeous and so peaceful and I felt so close to my Savior and my Heavenly Father at that time. When we had to leave all I could think was how much I didn't want to leave. It was so great to see all these wonderful missionaries I work with in the temple as well :) Seriously guys, the temple is the greatest place to be and LITERALLY the house of the Lord. Eek! This gospel is so true. I'm excited to work as hard as I can these next 6 months before we go to temple again :)

So last Tuesday we spent most of our day out in the boonies of Ocklawaha, the tip of our mission. We almost got lost ha. We went to see a referral who of course wasn't home. Alas! We knocked on his neighbors' door. Funny, his neighbor had a huge gate with a sign that said No Trespassing and Beware of Dog. But, fearless as we are, I opened the gate and whistled for a dog (none came) then went in and the guy was so nice! Told him a bit of what we do and gave him a Book of Mormon which he said he most definitely will read :) 

On Thursday Betty came up and took us to lunch! Aww what an amazing thing to see her again :)

Saturday afternoon we went to our Spanish Returning members to teach them and their Recent Convert son with a Spanish couple from the Stake. Well, we showed up and apparently we were teaching the nonmember husband! Soo we started to roughly teach and the couple translated... then it turned into a priesthood lesson and the husband took over in Spanish and then the Less Active aunt took over and taught the whole Restoration in Spanish while sister Fairbanks and I just sat there trying to follow along and showing pictures occasionally. haha. It was an eternally long lesson as well. Not to mention a storm came in and we had a flat tire so we stayed for dinner.... well, he came to church the next day and we're super excited to start teaching him! Well, teaching the translator :) church was stressful as we were figuring out translation and I was a wreck haha but ended up happy of course.

We gave our Recent Convert Cece a temple timeline- she's going to do baptisms for the first time next month! Leroy said he'd like to go one day. :)  Everyone keeps asking him when he's getting baptized, he seriously is a dry Mormon. ah. patience is what we're learning with him. 

Last night we had dinner with an amazing family in the ward. Cece and Leroy came as well. We had Brazilian pancakes and tres leches chocolate cake which was to die for. Once we finished, there was a knock at the door and 2 families of kids from the ward came in with cookies for the family we were with (these teens are awesome). They stayed and ate the leftovers and then we played "This is how you toss the shoe" which, is a fun game where you have to figure out the secret of tossing a shoe. We turned it into a gospel lesson and shared the message from the First Presidency in this month's Ensign about being a light to the world. Ah, so powerful! Go read it :) 

I LOVE being a missionary and having these amazing experiences. We have this commission to spread Christ's gospel to the world and be representatives of Him. How honored I am to do this great work. 

Thank you all so much for the support and emails and love. It definitely makes a huge difference. We're looking forward to this weeks' success and continue to find strength in all of your prayers. It means a lot. 

Keep on keeping on! The Lord loves each of you!

Sister Woolley

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