Monday, August 17, 2015

Boiled peanuts, kittens, and my Savior

Hey cool cats!

 For starters: shoutout to my cousin Landon who turned 19 on Friday!! Happy birthday, I miss and love you! Also, my beautiful sister and her husband celebrate their one year anniversary this Sunday! Woot woot! Can't believe it's been a year, wow.

So this week has been great :)

Monday night we went in exchanges and I got to go to Apopka! They just reopened the area for sisters so that's where the STLs (sister training leaders) are. We had a good time! All of the plans for the day fell through haha so we did lots of knocking and talked to some sweet people. Got to have dinner with some members at a mansion! (They own a nursery) and they were such an adorable family. And there's a returning member they're working with who we went over with two men from the ward who gave the mom a blessing and it was so sweet :) also almost ran over a raccoon when we were driving out there, woo! So it was great and while I was gone the sisters had so many miracles back in Belleview!!

We taught Onelio again with the Spanish translation... It was crazy off topic until Nidia testified of the Book of Mormon and her conversion and boom! The spirit was SO strong. It was awesome. He didn't come to church on Sunday, it'll take time, but he committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it.

Saturday we had the BEST service project EVER! I think I've mentioned her before, but Briana is a returning member with two kiddos and their dad, such a cute little family. They have a little place out in Ocklawaha and the land they're on is so overgrown, the landlord was going to fine them if it didn't get cleaned up. Plus their lawn mower broke so they were so stressed. Last Sunday we told the ward council about it and INSTANTLY one of the men said he'd take it on and invited everyone in third hour and it was such a great turnout and they were so happy and I'm so happy. Plus, the yard work was SO fun to do. We were there about 2 and a half hours chopping down branches and cutting vines with so many bugs everywhere I ended up with a cockroach on my shoulder, welcome to Florida. Just so fun! And Briana and Jesse were so grateful it was the sweetest thing to see :) 

On the way home from the service project the couple who drove us pulled over on the side of the road where a guy was selling boiled peanuts. I had them once in Utah and thought they were gross. But you GUYS. Cajun boiled peanuts made the right way are SO GOOD. So we were sweaty and dirty and ate boiled peanuts in the car and I was practically in heaven. Fun fact.

A returning member moved into the ward and she was just married to a non member who is interested in learning about the gospel! Sweeet. 

Stopped by to see an investigator we haven't been able to meet with lately and thank goodness she was home! Her cat just had 6 kittens and they are ADORABLE. Once again, SO happy to play with 'em. She's really awesome too and said she'll most likely be at church next week :)

Sunday late afternoon we went to an area we don't go to very often and knocked some doors around a referral. Can you say miracles? We were about to leave and said one more house and at that house there was a mom and her 16 year old sitting outside. They said they're going through family trials right now. We asked if we could say a prayer with them and how grateful they were! Then we gave them a Book of Mormon, testifying of the peace that it will bring to their lives. The look in her eyes was so sweet. She thanked us over and over again and gave us a hug. We're going back next week, prayers for this family please! 

This week the focus for me was on coming closer to the Savior. We're trying to teach the Atonement in EVERY lesson as well, and when we do it's really neat how the spirit just comes in. I love my Savior!!! He is so sweet and so loving. I was reading a General Conference talk "Latter Day Saints Keep on Trying" from this last conference. Oh so sweet and true! He says about repentance, " 'twas I, but 'tis not I", quoting Shakespear. The gospel changes us if we allow it to, and how sweet that we can come closer to our Savior every single day of our lives. 

I love you all! Thank you for the continued support and love! Never forget the price the Savior paid so that you and I can become clean and live with Him again. <3  Have a fantastic week!!

Sister Woolley

Service project- I love these people SO MUCH
one of the kitties :D It moved so it's blurry, but so cute

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