Monday, August 10, 2015

Updates from the sunshine state

Hey ya'll!

Time for a couple of shoutouts!
Happy Birthday and one year anniversary to my brother, Trevor and his wife Cora! Love you guys <3 
Happy Birthday to Grandma Nielsen! 
And CONGRATS to Mom, Dave, and Dylan for getting sealed in the temple on Saturday :) I am all smiles just thinking of it. Love you all! Families are forever <3

 Thanks for all the emails and the prayers and love, I miss each of you and am so thankful for you all!

Not really sure where to start this week. It was a pretty successful week though with tons of lessons and 6 new investigators (of which we dropped a couple but we have a few very promising people). We're excited to start working with these new ones and get them progressing towards baptism! 

Last week I talked all about the Spanish and Portuguese people ha. This week we threw in some Chinese! Used a bit of google translate (thank goodness for technology) but she understood most of our English. She only has an English Bible so she was so happy to get a Chinese Book of Mormon :) 

There's a woman in our ward who is returning to the church with her 3 year old and 6 month old. She is the sweetest thing and has had a rough last few years. But we got to have dinner with her and a member in the ward who lives near her and that was a huge success! Also, we got some members to sign up to go out there on Saturday to have a huge service project for her, we'll be cleaning up her yard! yay, I love service

Inspired choice of food!!
On Thursday we had a Zone Training Meeting (once a month usually). It was awesome and President Berry came and I saw Sister Guynn (mtc comp) and Sister Lokotui :) All of us sisters (there's only three companionships of us in the whole zone now :( we need more sisters!!) sang Nearer My God to Thee, so fun! 
After the Meeting we decided to have lunch at Firehouse Subs. GUESS WHO WAS THERE! The Murray family from Leesburg! AH. I was SO happy, I literally jumped out of my chair and ran up to them. If ya'll don't remember, they are returning to activity and little Kaylie and Cody got baptized last month after I left :) 

Things are going well. Not much is new! Time keeps on flying. I know this one is short, but I hope you all know how much I love you and the Lord. The work of God will continue to go forth, regardless of what happens. How grateful I am to be a part of it! Try to find some way this week to come closer to the Savior :) Keep on being amazing and keep the letters and prayers coming!

Love you all, 
Sister Woolley

P.S. To give you a hint of what Florida is like, there's a weird bug chilling by the keyboard as I type. 

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