Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rep that name tag with joy

Hello hello!

How are all of my beautiful friends and family? Thank you for all of the support and prayers, it is much needed and appreciated!

Well, first week of this new transfer completed! My new companion is Sister Fairbanks and guess where she's from - Valencia, CA! So close to home! She's awesome. She's been out about 9 months so it's been nice to be with someone who's been out around the same amount of time. :) she actually already graduated from BYU in food science! So that's fun. Anywho, we've had some great times and lots more to come! Within our district, half of the companionships have trainees! So many greenies and I LOVE it :) weird though, 'cause I still feel brand new.

Having been in this area only two weeks longer than she has... This has been a stressful week of figuring out where things are! Did I mention this area is huge? Annnnd they cut back the miles we can drive from 1300 to 905 a month.. Meaning because it's the middle of the month we only had approximately 8 miles to use each day. That's NOTHING. Freaked out? Yes. So we got members to drive us Saturday and part of Sunday but then we called the APs and they gave us some back phew! But THAT was insanely stressful (as if missionary work isn't already haha).

Something that was SO sweet this week though, is that I truly saw how kind Heavenly Father is :) seriously. We're both really new here and our first day together EVERYONE we talked to was super friendly. He's certainly watching out for us :)

CooL little update about Leesburg! (I do miss Leesburg). Betty (my recent convert, I hope ya'll remember her!) is preparing to do baptisms at the temple! And the two kids in the Murray family got baptized last Sunday. Wish I could have been, but I saw pictures! Yay!

We found some really neat investigators this week and actually got a new referral we're hoping to see tomorrow. Praying for some progress! Just going to double our efforts and keep the faith strong, I know God will bless this area with success. The Ward is working hard and we've seen some sweet success with members being missionaries :) after talking about the needs of the people we're teaching, one of the Ward missionaries took it to heart and went and fellowshipped our 'gator at church. We've been looking for a good member friend for him and it looks like we found it :)

Thursday night we had a stake missionary meeting and my lovely MTC comp sister Guynn was there! She's training- how awesome!

This morning we sang at yet another funeral. Ayaiyai. Too many out here, it's sad but amazing to see the support the church gives to these people.

Funny story!
The member who drove us around a bit on Saturday made us lunch at her house afterwards and then a huge storm came in so we helped a little with her family history work. Side note, earlier I had mentioned how I really need a haircut. Well, while looking at the computer she started playing with my hair and I thought nothing of it. Then I saw her grab scissors and I freaked out and she cut off about half an inch! Ahh! I was SHOCKED. It wasn't much and you can't tell but I about died laughing after. Never tell an older woman you need a haircut. Ever.

Well, that's about it for this week. Friday we get to do a session at the temple early in the morning and I'm STOKED. can't wait. :)

Lately we've been talking about happiness. You'll notice in Nephi he says, 2 Nephi 5:27 "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness" It doesn't say they were always happy. By no means would traveling in the wilderness with your family splitting up be a happy time, yet they searched for happiness. Always remember, happiness is a CHOICE. I hope this week we can all strive to have the mindset of being happier than we were before :)

I love you all!
Sister Woolley

Pictures: the temple trip with Leroy, Cece, and Tom
The elders and sisters in the ward! (before transfers)  

 The temple trip with Leory, Cece, and Tom
 The Elders and Sisters in the ward before transfers
New companion Sister Fairbanks! 

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