Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 6

Hello all! Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July! 

President Berry gave us all permission to extend curfew from 9 to 10pm on Saturday night so we got to watch the fireworks! We had a dinner with some members and had SO much food. Then there was a ward get-together after that which our investigator was attending so we went and they made us eat even MORE food. So in total I don't believe I've ever been more full in my LIFE haha. But it was quite fun to be with the ward :) We didn't think there'd be fireworks but last minute we found some community ones! The place was packed so we talked to a few people before they started. Sat right underneath and the pieces were basically raining on us and it sounded like bombs going off... 'Tis the Star Spangled Banner for sure! 

So last Monday we got to teach FHE to the oldies and our investigator, Leroy, and his granddaughter Ceaira (recent convert). We decided to teach "Moving Forward with Faith" and used Nephi's story of moving into the wilderness and going back to get the plates -- see 1 Nephi 4:6 :) So, at dinner with our bishop they gave us costumes to dress up as legit Nephites and it was AWESOME! We made headbands for all the members too which they just loved. 

I should probably tell you a little about my companions! I'm with the STLs (Sister Training Leaders), not sure if I mentioned it last week. But! Being with them means I get to see what the life of an STL is like and yikes... haha. We had exchanges on Tuesday and Wednesday which meant waking up at 5am to drive down there woo! Back to my comps: Sister Lokotui is from Australia and is awesome. She is so amazing. She's applying for BYU for Winter Semester and we're hoping she'll get in! Sister Taylor is from Bountiful, Utah and goes home next week.. which everyone just keeps reminding her about! She's so great and also attends BYU! Gotta love Provo. 

We are working with so AMAZING people here in Belleview. Leroy is our main guy. He struggles with a lot of doubts but is SO close! We're taking him on a temple tour this Friday and we know he'll feel the spirit so strongly there. We're excited! He's so funny too. They feed us almost everytime we're there, even though we tell 'em not to! He's so sweet.

Then there's Tom. Oh Tom is a character. Everything he says just makes us laugh! He's roommates with a recent convert. We're just really working on getting him to church, but just yesterday he says he is an honest seeker for truth which is great! he just needs to put that into practice, which he committed to! 

Please pray for these amazing people. I love them so much! 

This week I've been super obsessed with this "letter" called "Elder Riccardi's Letter" and it is the greatest thing a missionary could read. Not sure where you can find it, but if you do tell everyone about it! Basically, it's about this missionary who is such a fantastic missionary and how to apply these things to our work. Not sure if that made any sense. There's two parts I love: 1. the greatest conversion of your mission is YOU. It's not about the numbers, it's not about the baptisms. It's about bringing others to Christ. And if you are the only one who becomes converted, that's all that Heavenly Father asks of us missionaries. That's why we're here at such a young age. 
2. "If you want to punch Satan in the mouth, open your mouth and preach". Yes. need I say more? Just do it. 

I love you all so much! I love my mission so much and can see how much I've already changed. Thank you for all the support and love, it means a ton.

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