Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Oh look! Three drowned rats!"

Hello my wonderful family and friends!! This week was amazing, flew by yet was so long at the same time... Tomorrow sister Taylor goes home and I get a new companion! As always, slightly nervous but excited.

First off with a lovely story from Friday! So we decided to have a temple tour with Leroy, Ceaira, and Tom on Friday. We invited them all to fast about their questions and we were fasting too. Talk about spiritually awesome. Friday morning was also sister Taylor's departing temple trip so we went down super early and did our studies while she went in. Then two recent converts in this Ward were going to do baptisms for the first time so we got to go in with them! (New rule yay). It was SO wonderful being in the temple :) all smiles! So then we had to plan for our next week (which, if I haven't told ya, takes 5-6 hours). Two and a half of those hours was spent trying to find a ride for Leroy, Cece, and Tom because our member bailed last minute! No one could come. Fasting, stressed, and defeated we may have sat for 15 minutes praying and crying. And then Leroy decided he could drive down! Woo! The temple tour ended up being a huge success and they loved it. In Tom's words "I felt the vibes (spirit) from the parking lot". Aww yay. :)

Earlier this week we were supposed to meet someone at the bowling alley in the Villages. We couldn't find him... Cause all oldies look alike :) so we walked around like craziness and attempted talking to people, probably one of my more awkward experiences.

It rains almost every day and one day it came down hard and the Lightning was super close haha. So we ran through it to someone's house, they weren't interested but let us hang out on their porch for a while, then drove to Tom's, dashed out into the rain again and onto his porch. He opened the door and jumped, "Oh look! Three drowned rats!" Oh boy. He's a hoot :) he is doing so well! Still trying to get him to come to church, keep praying for him!

On Saturday we attended a funeral and were asked to sing. The songs? We had to include I Am a Child of God and If You Could High To Kolab.... Woah. So we did a super cool combination of the two with the elders and it was legit! Sing  If You Could High To Kolab at a funeral in front of non members? Challenge accepted. Mission accomplished.

More next week! Hopefully I'll get some pictures sent :) love you all! Thanks for everything you all do. I love my mission more than anything, these people are amazing and I feel so blessed.

Sister Woolley

 Tom, her "gator" at a temple tour
The district! Two elders have reached 18 months so they burned skirts... and sister Taylor is going home so she did too! 
"This is what weekly planning looks like. Gum, because we're fasting. Tissues from the tears"

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