Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Smores and summer lightning

Hello everyone, happy Monday! 

Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement, keep it up, it means a ton to me! I'm praying for ya'll and hope that everything has been going well with each of you.

Last P-day we had an awesome event! We were driving home and a lady's car was stuck in the middle of the road (don't worry, it wasn't too dangerous) so we all got out of our car and pushed her car into a parking lot right by! There was five of us so it was easy. Apparently that was her second time this week meeting missionaries so she said it must be a sign (and the fact that she just had her car checked out so really it stopped for no reason) woot woot! We gave her number to the missionaries over her area and hopefully something good will come of it :)

Our little Yazay is doing so well! She bore her testimony to us about how she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that the church has been restored. Way cool! We were so happy. And on Saturday we finally met her mom. We were kind of worried because last time the missionaries met with Yazay (probably two years ago), her mom said she couldn't get baptized because she wasn't old enough to know what she was doing. But when we talked to her mom about it now she was totally fine with it so long as we make sure Yazay understands the commitment she's making. WOO! She was super cool :) Also, her mom was happy because she kept saying how she's never seen Yazay get so into studying the Bible and the Book of Mormon. How cool is that!?

We did some yard work for a member this week. So fun! We seriously love service, but everyone thinks we don't so they won't let us do stuff for them often. But we're dead serious! So if the missionaries ask you if there's anything you can do PLEASE take them up on it! haha. We cleared out a TON of weeds and bushes in her backyard. Anyone who's ever been to Florida has probably seen it before... but there's these GIANT grasshoppers that are just nasty and scary and we're pretty certain they're the same grasshoppers that were part of the plague in Egypt. yup. Just a little fun fact! 
It's been SUPER hot, apparently record breaking for how early in the summer it is... Humidity has been about 90% supposedly? I now understand when everyone says you can't get dry. But I don't mind it too much, you just have to wear your hair up haha. 

We're teaching a preacher! He's super cool. His name is Terry and he was taught maybe a year or two ago but wasn't too interested them. He LOVED Joseph Smith's experience though and he said right then he knew it was true. I just love that! You never know who will be ready for the gospel, that's why we have to share it with everybody! Please pray for Terry! The transition (as it is for everyone) will be tough. 

Happy Summer! Meaning- lightning storms! Nothing very dangerous. Some members had a firepit outside and we had s'mores in the rain- super fun! And they are so great- they offered to help with our investigators, which we don't hear very often. 

I realized I haven't written a ton about my companions, sorry about that! They are straight up hilarious! We have a lot of fun together which I'm thankful for. They both go home soon though so I've attempted helping them fight trunkyness, but there's not much I can do ha. They're just great :) 

Sorry this is so long! Short story long, things are going really well :) Also, if ya'll could email before Monday that would be so great because then I could read them before email time, thank you! Love you all! Keep on keeping on, wherever you may be! 

Sister Woolley

Sister Woolley and I at a dog park.... yes we contacted people at a dog park without dogs. awkward, but hey, what's not awkward about missionary work?

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