Monday, June 8, 2015

2 Woolley + Knutson = dream team

Hey ya'll!

Wow, it feels like it's been a month since I've emailed... psych it's been a week. haha. And what a great week it was!! For starters, I was transferred to somewhere not too far from Leesburg called Winter Garden. Our Zone includes the temple!! Oh so happy :) Because that means that every week we get to do temple service! It's so amazing getting to be on temple grounds every week. And this last week we got to clean the fountains!! Meaning we got to stand in the water (closest thing ever to swimming on the mission haha) so refreshing! It was fun.

And on to my companions! Yep, that's right, I'm in ANOTHER trio. Crazy! I'm loving it though. But for some unknown reason our Mission President had some fun putting companionships together... or so it seems. If you guessed it, I'm with Sister Knutson and Sister WOOLLEY! President Berry made a really strange comment about how we will find out in the near future why he put us together. We're still confused but it's fun! When we introduce ourselves it's usually...
"Hi! I'm Sister Woolley!"
"I'm Sister Knutson!"
"And I'm... also Sister Woolley"
And then we get weird looks, and "Did you just take her nametag for the day?" "I swear we're not polygamists"... but it's a great opportunity to talk to people about family history work! And no one can use the excuse of forgetting our names haha. 

This area is TINY compared to Leesburg. But that is so nice because it means we get to bike more often and talk to lots more people. We aren't teaching quite as much here but this week there were a lot of miracles we saw with finding people. We're going through names in the Area Book of people who had been close to baptism in the past and we've been contacting them and found a new investigator that way! Her name is Yazay and she is this adorable 14 year old girl. When we met with her for the first time Saturday she still wants to get baptized and knows it's all true! She came to church yesterday and they were talking about the Priesthood in Young Women's and her face just lit up. It was the sweetest thing. Her parents aren't all for her being baptized... so please pray that her mom will start taking the lessons and allow it to happen :)

Another cool miracle! The sisters met a lady named Mary in the McDonald's bathroom last week (the Lord works in mysterious ways) and we taught her the first lesson yesterday. She's been searching for a church for her and her family. She said she would most definitely study the Book of Mormon and come to church and pray about it. WOW! How much more could we ask of her? haha. We've got high hopes for her :)

Some funny events:

A member was feeding us and showed us her swollen ankles and Sister Knutson just let slip "cankles..." I don't know if the member heard but when she left the room we couldn't keep it together haha.

There was this adorable boy we taught the new member lessons to yesterday. He is SO smart but went on to describe how he has "no common sense! Like, I don't even know what that word MEANS" and then he asked Heavenly Father to bless the chocolate we gave him haha.

Anyways! Winter Garden is going to be amazing. I love these sisters and I'm very excited for this new transfer! Thanks for the support and love I receive from each and every one of you. I'm praying for ya'll! 

3 Nephi 13:34 For anyone struggling day by day. Just don't forget to take it one day at a time. Rely on the Lord and put your trust in Him. 

Sister Woolley

Sister Woolley, Sister Woolley, and Sister Knutson :) 

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