Monday, June 1, 2015

Love + laughs in Leesburg

How are all my beautiful friends and family doing this week??

Let me just start by saying how quickly this transfer flew by! And.... I'm getting transferred :( It's interesting because you typically know (thanks to the spirit) before you find out and I knew I'd be leaving I just didn't want to accept it. So when we got the call we were pretty upset but hey! The Lord just needs me somewhere else and that's pretty neat :) but! There were SO many miracles this week and seriously this area is booming.

 I got to say a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday because it was "missionary Sunday". It was cool because the Ward mission leader had asked elder Wilson and I to speak and it turns out both of us are leaving! Oh my goodness, yesterday was just amazing. You guys! JR came to church and so did one of my favorite families ever, the Warrens!!! Her first time back at church in probably 15 years and his first time EVER in any church! Made my life. I'm just so happy!! We starting teach John Warren, slowly but surely :) took pictures with my favorite Ward members. I'm so happy to have gotten to serve here and meet so many wonderful people. Can't wait to come back and visit eventually!

Back to last week. Monday evening we had some fun teaching a less active family the primary song "Book of Mormon stories" - ohh so fun. Lately we've been teaching some younger kids so it's been interesting thinking of fun and entertaining ways to teach!

The first half of this week was very much a trial of my faith, and it seemed to be like that for a lot of the missionaries in my District. Ether 12:6 people, look it up! But it was amazing to see how at first, everything was falling through but as we kept going and ended up finding a new investigator! Woo! That's a miracle. 

Now let me rant about member missionaries for a second--- oh my goodness two of my most favorite people here are Shelley and Stewart Polsoni! They're the ones who we did yard work for last week and I just LOVE them. They've been coming to most of our lessons with JR and they have just been so awesome! What's really neat too is that they haven't been to church in a while because of different issues but they made time to go to Book of Mormon class on wednesday with JR and then to church on Sunday with JR too! AHHH. I can't describe my happiness :)))
Really cool side note that I hope I can explain alright...
On Friday we committed JR to be baptized on June 27th! His response was hilarious but he's excited to keep learning :) When I said goodbye to Stewart Polsoni I told him he's going to baptized JR. He then told me how, before Friday's lesson, before he even knew we were going to commit JR to baptism, he told his family that he was planning on baptizing him next month. Then we threw out the date that night. AH. It's going to happen, please pray for him!! 

Our sweet girl Hannah leaves today for Michigan and will be getting baptized on Sunday up there! We had an awesome lesson with her and her mom yesterday about the temple and she can't wait to go :) it's amazing to see such a young girl be so committed to be baptized and living righteously.

Sorry this was so long. There are so many amazing people here that I really am sad to leave. I'm so excited for those getting baptized this next transfer: JR, Hannah, the little Murray kids. Nonetheless I am excited for a new adventure and I know the sisters here will take good care of them. 

Stay awesome my dears! Pray for Leesburg, it's the greatest place ever :) I'll let you know next week where I end up!! 

Sister Woolley

Murray family!!

 Awesome district... going to miss them
 The Polsoni couple :)
Elders and the Westerns
 Caught a frog + a lizard... just call he the gator hunter ;)

Dale :)

 The Warrens at church!
 Betty :)
Sisters + fro yo! :)

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