Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weddings + testimonies

Hello family and friends! How is everyone doing this week?

It's getting hot. Let's be real, Florida is crazy, but I love it here.

We didn't get to teach a ton this week... it was actually a very slow week with the work. Lots of people dropped us and bailed on lessons. But we talk to everyone we see and got a few new investigators so pray that we can teach them and help them progress! 

Exchanges! Thursday we went on exchanges with the Sister Trainer Leaders (STLs) so Knutson and I stayed with Sister Lynch. Got to bike all day woo! We also went to Texas Roadhouse (not exactly the best place to be as a missionary... but yummy).

We got to help set up for the bishop's son's wedding reception! Oh so fun! I thought of the sisters who helped set up for my sister, Heather's, wedding :) Two of the members there gave us a referral too! But she ended up being in the elder's area... but hey same jersey right?

Gave another talk on Sunday! It was just a short 5 minute one for the ward to get to know me and to bear my testimony. The ward here is really friendly and took to us new sisters quick. That's really comforting because it's rough switching wards already so I'm really thankful they're helping us transition. 

Which leads me to an awesome experience- we had dinner with some members Friday night and they are just the sweetest. We've been sharing the First Vision whenever we see members, in hopes for member referrals. But it's been super spiritual. I LOVE Joseph Smith's first vision and could recite it a gazillion times. We shared it and discussed it with this one member family. I was testifying of receiving answers to prayers and just seeing the mom get tears in her eyes from feeling the spirit is really what I needed that day. This work is just awesome.

In ward council someone was talking about looking for the positive in life. I think that's something I need to apply and everyone could probably apply more! If you're looking for negative you'll find it. But if you want to see miracles and search for happiness you'll find that. Pray! God is waiting to bless you. 

I'm sorry this was so short and uninformative. I love you all!!! I pray for you everyday and hope that everything is going well and ya'll are happy :) Keep on smiling! 

Sister Woolley 

 the trio! 
helping at a wedding :)

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