Monday, July 4, 2016

"We can go down to the dock don't ya know?

Hello hello!

Happy Independence Day ya'll! We've been hearing and seeing fireworks
all weekend!I'm proud to be an America and grateful to the Lord for
this free country. God bless!
I hope you're all enjoying the holiday and doing well :)

Okay really how is it July? I'm enjoying everyday to its fullest and
making the most of every opportunity. This time last year I was in
good ole Belleview :) love that place.

Satellite Beach is doing super well! We had another fantastic week!
Here's some highlights:

Our less active, Bro Potter (who's middle name is literally James
which is the coolest thing ever) came to church yesterday!!! And he
really enjoyed it :) so much progress!!!

Also, we have begun teach TWO families!! You have no idea, families
are a huge deal. Huge. One of them we met Tuesday, the husband's name
was found in areabook so we just stopped by. Four kids with a fifth on
the way :) the husband, Mike, basically has a lot of questions because
of the Book of Mormon musical (I guess it does some good...). What a
cool guy!!! He's been on all weekend and when we asked what
his favorite thing he learned was 1. The plan of salvation
(naturally!) and 2. That Adam was Michael (odd thing to be excited
about but alright!!).

The other family was... Wait for it... A member referral!!! The 11
year old daughter invited her friend from school to church several
times and the mom finally just gave us the family's address to stop
by. Such a sweet family! So we are going to start working with them as
well. Moral of this story, invite invite invite your friends!! Members
are so powerful in missionary work.

We had two exchanges this week which are always fun. On Saturday I
left the area and went to Rockledge!! That's a cool area. At one point
we drove by where all the famous cruise ships are docked! Seriously,
I'm in the coolest mission in the world. I love Florida so much :)

Also we met our new mission president on Friday! President and Sister
Clark from Salt Lake City. They're both very sweet and filled with the
spirit. I can't describe how much I miss President and Sister Berry
though but I'm happy to have the Clarks leading out the mission and
happy to be working with them. They'll do a great job!

Our investigator Terry is amazing and keeps asking for more to read.
So we gave her all the pamphlets we have and she's basically teaching
herself the lessons. So cool!

In closing, I have a testimony that the Lord is at the head of this
church. He will lead us as we humbly rely on Him. We must act though
for Him to lead us. He trusts us! Something I learned this morning was
that "there is no spiritual power in convenience". It is not always
convenient to serve, or keep the commandments, or follow Jesus Christ.
It may not be convenient but it is right. And when we do it, the Lord
will bless us.

I love you all! Thank you for the continued prayers and support! I
hope you have a fantastic week :)

Sister Woolley

The subject title is from a cute Canadian girl, don't ya know.

I just adore my companion. She's amazing!!
Cutest puppy in the world. Much like holding a baby, but allowed :)

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