Monday, July 11, 2016

Sweaty and happy


I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! There's always something
exciting happening on a mission. In the words of Moroni, "has the day
of miracles ceased?...Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith
that miracles are wrought".

We had a jam packed week! We taught a ton of people and we have great
investigators that I am just so excited about!!

First off Mike is the one with four kids and one on the way. His wife
isn't as excited about the gospel as he is. Which makes sense because
this week we answered a ton of questions they had which stemmed from
CRAZY things they heard in the past. We cleared those up pretty quick
haha. BUT! Mike has been texting us all throughout the week about
different things he's reading in the Book of Mormon and all the
different experiences with the spirit he's having. One being "is this
what always happens to people you teach who accept the truth!?" Heck

Some other random events this week: we had a fun relief society
activity Tuesday night. Thursday was MLC! It was different without
president and sister Berry there but President and Sister Clark and
the APs did a great job.

On the way back from MLC it ended earlier than we expected so we
stopped by a part member family in the Ward. They weren't home but we
saw their neighbor pull up so we went to talk with them. The woman
came up to us and was SO excited when she found out we were Mormons.
She had been given a copy of the Book of Mormon on an airplane from a
missionary and she said she believes it's true!! That was cool.

We had exchanges on Saturday so I went over to Palm Bay woohoo! I love
that area. We had some crazy experiences. The sister there is just in
her second transfer on the mission and has such excitement about the
work! So we had a super fun day and just shared miracle stories all
day long.

As I started the email out with faith I'll end with it. We can choose
to exercise faith in Christ. We must be the ones to act on it though.
No one can do it for us. Choose to out your faith in Christ and I
promise you you will see miracles in your life. I love you all!! I
hope you have an amazing week :) don't forget to smile!!!

Sister Woolley


1. We got to go to the beach yet again :)
2. The MLC - I just love them!

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