Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Love to See the Temple

Hey y'all!

First off, here goes my last week in the mission. How this happened? I
don't know. How has it been? The best thing of my life. Mixed
feelings? Yes.

This week was crazy awesome. So much goodness!

Something awesome was that we got to go to the temple twice this week!
Wednesday night we took a mob of our people there and it was amazing.
We had Nicole (who's been wanting to go for weeks), Terri (getting
baptized Saturday!!!), Bro. Potter (returning to activity), and the
Swisher family (AMAZING people). Also while there I got to see Bishop
Scherer from my last area!! That was really sweet :) they all just
loved the temple tour. Terri can't wait to go inside. And Jennifer is
set on getting sealed in there. Sister Keith drove us all up there and
it was just awesome. Sorry, I have trouble describing how I felt. Bro
Potter later said I was just BEAMING. I love the temple.

The second time was on Saturday with Venita! She got to go inside for
the first time and do baptisms. Aw that was so sweet. She took her own
family names and was especially excited to be baptized for her sister
:) when she went under the water the first time, and I swear
especially when she went under for her sister, I just felt his
overwhelming excitement and joy. I know they've accepted it. The
spirit was so strong and I couldn't stop smiling :) venita was so
happy to be there! I'm so glad we got to go.

Terri is doing fantastic too! Her baptism is on Saturday and she is so
excited. She's been coming to every activity there is and the Ward is
just wonderful at fellowshipping her. Tonight the lady FHE group is
having a combined birthday party for her, another woman in the Ward,
and sister Lefebvre!! Terri's birthday is today so we're pumped for
that. We get to teach the lesson of course too!

We were kind of struggling with our finding this week but yesterday we
set a goal for our "super Sunday" and Lo and behold, the Lord provided
for some AWESOME new investigators. Faith is a wonderful thing :)

Along the same lines, we had exchanges on Tuesday and I was down in
Palm Bay with a sweet sister. She was struggling a bit with faith so
we had a long discussion on it and then went out to work and holy cow
we saw the coolest miracles. Found some amazing people in their area
and in the process one of the woman we taught gave us a bag of melons
after we cleaned her dishes haha!

I'm so blessed to be serving here. I love this work and I love my
Savior. I'm eternally grateful for everything I've learned and gained
from this experience. Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us
more than you know. Never forget that :)

Love you all!!!

Sister Woolley
 The group Wednesday night :)
With Venita at the temple! (There was a wedding happening behind us yay!)

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