Monday, July 18, 2016

"the gospel is like instant oatmeal, just add water and you have instant family!"

Hello hello dear people!

This week was non stop amazing. I just wish I could have a video
camera with us at all times as that'd be easier then trying to explain
all the goodness. Just know, that people are wonderful and God is the
BEST. I love Him.

An update on Terri, we had some sweet lessons with her this week. Last
Monday night we had her in a member of the bishopric's home for dinner
and they just LOVE her and were perfect for the lesson we had too. We
taught tithing which is a difficult one for some people but the family
had amazing testimonies they shared on the topic which helped so much.
:) we saw her throughout the week of course but then on Saturday
another member friend had her in their home for dinner again and
during the lesson the husband had an idea to take pictures of us to
put on the program for sacrament meeting Haha! So basically we felt
like we were in the District (missionary videos to help us learn how
to be missionaries, the best thing ever) and we had a good laugh about
it :)

Tuesday and Wednesday we just had lesson right after lesson ALL DAY
LONG which is awesome. And amidst our running around to lessons the
Lord is just giving us new people to teach. He knows what He's doing!!
Also on Tuesday we had interviews with our new mission president. He's
a sweet man and will do a great job here!

We went on exchanges with our sisters down in Vero Beach who are so
sweet. One of them has only been out for 4 weeks and the other this is
just her 3rd transfer. I took the older one up here to my area and we
had an awesome day. For one thing, we had a member's daughter who
wants to serve a mission, come out with us from 11:00am to 5:00pm.
HOLY COW. She was so great with our lessons though and just loved it.
By the end she was sunburnt, dehydrated, and tired but said she had so
much fun haha. But on that day we went to see a former investigator
and her husband and they let us in and we finally had a sit down
lesson with them. Later in the week she called us and said she thinks
she's finally ready to make the commitment of baptism! (She's been
investigating off and on for 9 years). We put them on date for baptism
Sunday night :)

A couple of other crazy events this week- we were going to an
appointment and ran across the street to talk to a woman with her baby
and turns out she was baptized 6 years ago and lost contact with the
church! we got her records in- another lost sheep found! And then on
Saturday we prayed with a member for someone to teach in her home and
then we drove down the street and found an amazing woman who just
soaked up everything we taught her about the gospel. She almost came
to church but her baby was crying so bad from teething that she didn't
come inside. Next week!

I probably say this a lot but it's so true- the Lord is in charge of
this work. It never ceases to amaze me that He places us right where
He needs us. He will put people into our lives who need what we have
and we need them. I have seen this time and time again.
D&C 75
"13...take their journey into the eastern countries, and proclaim the
things which I have commanded them; and inasmuch as they are faithful,
lo, I will be with them even unto the end...
21 And you shall be filled with joy and gladness..."

and this is a promise I have seen fulfilled. The Lord IS with us
always and as we do His work and are happy.

Have a great week. I love you all.

Sister Woolley

This week. Our district played sand volleyball this morning! 

 Last week. She made a bowl out of leaves and I finished the temple. Woo!
And from the Fourth of July haha. She's the cutest! 

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