Monday, April 25, 2016

Where did God come from?

Hello hello!

I hope y'all have had a fantastic week so far! Spring is certainly
here and Florida is getting hot again (I guess it never really cooled
down for a long period of time haha). And the work is progressing more
and more! Time is flying and I don't like that. I can honestly say
this was probably one of the best weeks. Sister O'Hara and I both
agree that it was crazy spiritual too. Where to start??

Monday night! We did family home evening with Bill, an RM named Abby,
and Bill's member friend Brother Nash and it was amazing. I'll try to
explain but I doubt I'll do it justice! We had everyone pick their
favorite bible story and write the reference on a piece of paper then
place it in a cup. We then had one person draw from the cup and we'd
all turn to the reference, read it, then watch the bible video about
the story. Whoever chose the story then bore testimony of why it's
their favorite. Let me tell ya- that was AMAZING. The spirit was
incredibly strong and there was not a dry eye that night. Bill
absolutely loved it. And to make it complete Abby brought strawberry
pie that we all enjoyed :) it was like a little family!
While on the topic of Bill, he is just doing so great. He passed his
baptismal interview and he's all good to go! Sadly he got sick again
on Sunday so he couldn't come to church but he definitely wanted to be
there. Please everyone pray that his health will allow him to be
baptized and confirmed!!

Wednesday was legit too!! We had Bill and Sister Long (a returning
member!!) go to the family history center together and work on getting
names for the temple :) so cute! Right afterwards we got to go on a
temple tour with Alaila (I adore her) and a member who brought his non
member friend Jamie! We met for the first time and she said she has
tons of questions. They both loved the temple tour. We sang I Am A
Child of God with them and it was a super great experience.

The very next day we had an awesome experience at the park. Our first
appointment of the day fell through so we said a prayer asking where
we needed to go. We decided to contact at the local park. So off we
went. We met some amazing people at the park but the very last one was
the coolest experience. We met a woman who is going thorough a tough
time. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she said she'd like
to read it. She was talking about wanting to pray and seek direction
from God. The temple is right down the street so we told her about it
and asked if she wanted to come see it. She said yes so we drove on
down and she followed us! We walked around and taught her about
baptism and eternal families and hen we let her into the foyer where
she sat and read the Book of Mormon. We were blown away!!! What Ana
amazing experience. She said she had a great time so we're hoping to
be able to teach her and her kids!!

On Friday we taught yet again at the temple! Alaila's older brother Nick was 
struggling with something and he texted us about it. We had a member pick
him and Alaila up and met us at the temple. There was a wedding going on, fun
fact. That was one of our best lessons with Nick because there were no distractions
and the Spirit is just so strong on the temple grounds. That makes 4 days straight 
we were on the temple grounds!! 

I'm just super thankful to be here. I'm so grateful for this area and my companion.
She is helping me so much and is an amazing example to me. We had some really
sweet experiences with the Spirit this week. I know without a doubt that Heavenly
Father loves each one us personally. Take some time today to ask Him to allow you
to feel His love and I promise that He will. Sister O'Hara and I talked a lot about 
our worth in God's eyes. I want each of you to know- no matter what you do, your
worth in God's eyes stays the same. Now that doesn't mean we don't need to follow
His commandments. If we want to please Him and want to return to live with Him we 
need to obey. But He will ALWAYS love us the same.

I love you all! Have a beautiful week :)

Sister Woolley

P.S. the subject title... one of Alaila's questions holy cow. ;)

 At the mission office... holding tools because we helped fix the car.. 
On the temple tour!!

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