Monday, April 4, 2016

The true church of Jesus Christ

Hello hello!

Wow. How are all of you?? Happy April! Can you believe it? I can't.

What a week! My new companion here is Sister O'Hara from Utah. She is
phenomenal! I love the way she works and she makes me laugh all the
time. Her testimony is powerful and I've already seen her love for all
the people :)

Our first day together we went to see our investigator, Bill, and had
a fantastic lesson! The spirit was so strong and he accepted to be
baptized. He came to General Conference on Sunday and loved it. He
said the talks hit him hard and he felt the spirit so strong. His wife
passed away last year so when we taught him about the Plan of
Salvation and the temple he was really happy and loved it :)

Also cool news. We found out from our bishop last night that an
unbaptized 9 year old in the Ward is ready to be baptized so we're
going to crank out the lessons in 2 weeks whew!

I think I talk about it a lot but the members of the Ward are
incredible and we had AMAZING experiences with them sharing the gospel
this week. Thursday night we had dinner with a young couple in the
Ward. For the message we shared the First Vision and talked about the
blessings of the gospel. We then asked who they knew who would benefit
and they thought for a little and brought up a friend. We asked them
to bring out their phone and look through their contacts and they came
up with about 6 people to share the gospel with!!! One of them was
their neighbor. We went over after dinner with the wife and taught
their neighbor and her daughter. That was a solid experience and those
members got SO excited about the positive turnout. Member
missionaries: sharing the gospel with your friends works!! :)
And then last night we had dinner with the wonderful Finnish family in
the Ward and their less active daughter had a nonmember friend there
who we got to teach and he wants to learn more. Miracles all around.

Not to mention the miracles of General Conference this week! Holy cow.
I hope you all watched it because it was amazing and such a recharge.
I sustain our prophet Thomas S. Monson and the apostles and other
general authorities. They are called of God and we need to heed their
words and follow their counsel. I just loved finishing off with Elder
Holland's talk about keeping the faith. Don't give up! Heavenly Father
will help as we strive to our best to follow the Savior and His

On Thursday we had the Mission Leadership Council. That's always a fun
time. We've got 5 new members of the council woohoo! Between our
mission president and the APs, I always learn a ton.

We found some amazing people this week. The Lord just placed super
prepared people into our paths and I'm grateful for the trust He
places in us :)

Family and friends I hope you realize your relationship with Heavenly
Father. He is watching out for you and knows you personally. I really
felt that during the conference. We were able to share that with
everyone we saw on Saturday and testify of His love. I know He loves
you! Share that with others!

Love you all,
Sister Woolley

My wonderful new companion! 

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