Monday, March 7, 2016

"What makes you happy?" "Pizza AND family"

Hello family and friends!!

How is March treating y'all thus far? Thank you for the emails! I hope
all is well for each of you. Can I say for the hundredth time- another
miracle filled week!! Holy cow. It's hard to explain but I will try.

I am just loving this area so much! We got a new bishopric yesterday
and guess who it is?? Our Ward mission leader... It's bittersweet
because he has been an AMAZING Ward mission leader but what's great is
we still get to work closely with him! And, as they say, when the
bishop is excited about missionary work, the Ward is excited about
missionary work. So, he will do SO much good for the Ward and their
missionary efforts. We're pumped about that!! We don't know who the
new Ward mission leader is but we know new Bishop Scherer will choose
well :) My subject title is our bishop's son's answer to the question, cute.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference and guess who got to give a training
again! It was a really cool experience again. I prepared so much for
the training and when I got up there the spirit was definitely able to
guide my words, I didn't even need my notes for the most part! Woo!
What I really love is being able to work so closely with all the
missionaries and learn from each of them and share the experiences
I've had as well. The rest of Zone Conference was amazing and I
learned a ton, as always!
Also, President Berry focused a lot on the importance of teaching
Repentance and I just loved that. Sister Berry shared "The Parable of
the Donut" which is too hard to explain but if you can look it up do
find it! It relates to the Atonement and how Christ has suffered for
each one of us individually whether we choose to accept it or not. The
choice is ours, the blessing is available to all.

We had two exchanges this week so on Thursday I got to go to Semoran
area with a new missionary and she did such a great job! It's Spanish
work and her Spanish is great for having been out 4 weeks :) on
Saturday I stayed here with a sister who is also doing Spanish work
and we had some crazy experiences, one including a really cool miracle
of stopping to help two guys with their car (not that we can do much
but it's a good excuse to talk with them haha) and ended up teaching
them the First Vision on the spot. Those are some of my favorite

Okay now for the really good part!
The family we are teaching is doing AMAZING!!! We are so excited.
Almost all of them came to church, minus Marie, Maria's twin sister,
who was sick. Ahh they loved it! After church we asked the kids what
they learned and they were all so excited to share with us who they
met and how fun it was. That day we also taught them about the Plan of
Salvation and Angie raises her hand and says "this just really makes
me want to work extra hard so we can live in the celestial kingdom"
ahh there's nothing sweeter to hear a 12 year old say :) they are so
great. Please keep them in your prayers!!
ALSO Kelly came to church :) Kelly is doing so great. Her date is for
April 9th but we may move it to March 26th because yesterday during
the sacrament she received an answer to her prayer. She knows that the
Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet <3 we are
just blown away by these people. Alma 16:16- the Lord IS preparing
people all over!!
To add to it, two other men we are teaching showed up! One came up
behind us and just said "surprise, surprise, you didn't think I'd
come!" And we didn't haha.

We just see miracle after miracle and I am so grateful for the
opportunity I have to witness the gospel change these people's lives.
I love these people with my whole heart and I want to do all I can for
them and for the Lord. The power of prayer is so real. Prayer,
fasting, and hard work is the way for miracles to occur. Make an
effort this week to recognize the Lord's hand in your life and I
promise you will see it more.

I love you all!! Have a great week :)

Sister Woolley

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