Monday, March 14, 2016

Families Can be Together Forever

Hey y'all! Just another amazing week here in Orlando!
Shoutout to my little brother Dylan-- Happy Birthday today!! I can't
believe you're 11 :) don't forget to eat pie for pie day!

We are finding families left and right which has been the coolest
thing! I've wanted to teach families my whole mission and here they
are! Monday night we were walking through one of our favorite
apartment complexes called Hawthorne (where we find so many people
because they're humble there yay) and we ran into a former
investigator who stopped us and told us to come teach him and his
family. So we did! His wife is really sweet and they've got four
children. They didn't come to church but we feel really good about

Remember Kelly? Kelly is doing fantastic!! We taught her several times
this week and she is loving the gospel. Wednesday night we took her on
a temple tour and let me just tell you... It was the best. President
Wood in the mission presidency gave the presentation and then we
walked around the temple together. We had Sister Nelson come with us
who is a great friend for Kelly now. The spirit was so strong. When we
went into the lobby of the temple there were so many people in there
(YSA group was there :/ haha) so we had to stand and Sis. Burnette and
I were all worried she would feel uncomfortable. But, in the midst of
it all she looked peaceful and said "it's funny. Even though there are
so many people in here, I feel like I can be alone and just feel
peace". Then we went back outside by the orange trees and had her sit
alone and pray for a few minutes. I went off a little ways and prayed
as well and the Spirit once again confirmed that the church is true
and the temple is the Lord's house and that the Lord's love for me and
for others is real. We came back together and Kelly had been crying
and said she couldn't stop looking up towards angel Moroni :) we then
were able to re-extend her baptism date for March 26th and she said
yes. Please please pray for Kelly!!
She took her boyfriend and son to church on Sunday and Timmy, her son,
loved it. Such a smart 10 year old! He was with her when we taught the
word of wisdom and together they are dumping out the things they
shouldn't drink anymore. The church is so true!

Okay, slightly obsessed about Kelly but I just love her to death.
Other than her, we also found a cute Haitian family to teach. Last
week a twelve year old girl we met said we should go teach her friend.
We went by and they let us teach them and they are great! Asking for
referrals works wonders.
Also, we received another referral last week who we got to teach
yesterday- a mom and her two kids. They are awesome. We are going to
see them tonight so pray that they will accept the gospel!

I guess my testimony on all this is that the gospel really does bless
families. It has been given to us so that our families can find peace
and happiness and joy in this life and in the life to come. The temple
is the goal for everyone. We get to attend on Friday and I cannot wait
to be inside to feel the spirit and to receive revelation. Attend the
temple as often as you can!!

One more fun thing that happened. Last night at our stake president's
house there was a fireside for all "prospective missionaries" in the
stake. So we got to attend along with the zone leaders to share our
testimonies. President and Sister Berry had asked me to talk about the
blessings I've receive personally from serving a mission and I just
went on and on there were so many! The biggest that I find is how my
relationship with the Savior has grown. I hold that very dear :)

I love you all! Have an amazing week :) don't forget to share the
gospel, because if you don't, who will!?

Sister Woolley
Kelly at the temple tour!
District P-day at a glow in the dark mini gold :) 

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