Monday, March 21, 2016

Agency, man

Hello dear family and friends!

I've learned a lot this week. I learned mostly about the Lord's timing
and His love for me and for His children. We had several ups and
several downs of this week. But, like they say on the mish, the good
always outweighs the bad.

A quick update that refers to my subject title.. At the start of this
week things were going super well with Kelly. By Thursday though she
had decided to do some "research" on her own and found some
anti-Mormon misinformation. We had a long talk with her over the phone
on Friday. It comes down to whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet
and the if the Book of Mormon is true. She wants some time on her own
so we will not be working with her anymore at this time. We are
heartbroken. It's interesting the quick relationships we gain with
"strangers" on the mission. I have such a deep love for her because of
the many many spiritual experiences we've had together. She recognized
the spirit every week she came to church. Please pray that she'll come

If there's something more I learned from that experience it's that I
do have a strong testimony of Joseph Smith, the Restoration, the Book
of Mormon, and Jesus Christ. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that
this is the Lord's true church. I know that Jesus Christ is the my
Savior. I know that the Priesthood authority was restored through the
earth through Joseph Smith and that is the only way we can receive
saving ordinances to return to live God again. I am grateful for this
knowledge and my testimony and I know it only comes through personal
work and faith as it did with Alma in Alma 5:45-46.

I said I learned about God's love for me as well. Prayer is such a
powerful thing! I feel so much peace and comfort in the fact that
Heavenly Father is pleased with the work I am doing. He's given each
of His children agency which they can then exercise for themselves.
I'm sure it's heartbreaking for Him to watch as each of us use our
agency to either follow Him or turn away from Him everyday. But, the
Atonement is there for us to change. Any day we can change! If you
haven't watched the new Easter video, Hallelujah, go watch it. I'm
grateful for the Easter season to be able to celebrate Jesus Christ's
resurrection :) I know He lives!

But what cool experiences we've had this week! Monday evening we were
on a street we frequent when a car pulled into the driveway just
before we were heading home for the night. The man who got out was a
sweet Haitian named Pierre and it turns out he's a member of the
church! He's lived in the states for 30 years and hasn't found the
church. We are pumped to work with him!

Also, we found in our records a woman who had been taught by
missionaries a while ago. We showed up to her house on Tuesday with a
member and she was super excited to see us. The member totally clicked
with her as well and we were able to go back on Thursday and teach her
the restoration which she seems very excited about.

We got to see the sweet family we're working with again :) they're
going through finals so they've been busy. It was a great experience
with them. Two weeks ago we bought each of them a little picture of
Jesus Christ that we thought they'd like. When we gave it to them on
Saturday they were all so excited! It was so cute to see their

On Wednesday I went on exchanges with Sister Fairbanks in Lake Reams!
We served together back in July and so it was fun to spend the day
together again. We talked to a lot of people on the streets all day
and I got fried! But it was so fun and she is doing really well :)

Friday morning we got to attend the temple!!! It was so nice. I'm so
thankful for the temple. I'm thankful to be able to serve right by the
temple, even if we don't get to attend often. There is a certain
strength that comes from attending the temple often, so if you aren't
going often I'd encourage you to make a plan and go! I love the temple

All I can say is, we worked hard this week and the Lord will provide!
Thank you for all the support. I hope you know I love each of you.
Have a fantastic week and Happy Easter!

Sister Woolley

at the temple!
and lunch after 

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