Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall is here!

Hello beautiful family and friends!
Say hello to transfer #7! Stayin' here in beautiful Belleview with my baby, Sister Rytting. The weather has gotten really cool and everyone has out Halloween decorations :) Fall is hereee.

We finally got Seaford on date for baptism! Woo! He's progressing pretty well. He loved Conference this weekend as well, who wouldn't? :)
Sharen and Gary, our part member couple, are on fire too! Eek, I just love them. We saw them twice last week, and Gary is praying about the date we extended for baptism. We'll see them tomorrow to solidify it. yay! Sharen is just darling. They watched conference together this weekend and she was telling us how it makes her want to be more diligent in her Book of Mormon study. I am so excited for their near future because not too far down the road they will be able to be sealed in the temple. ahhh yes happiness <3 Side note, they had us for dinner too and are such a joy to be around.
We did finally see Jimmy again this week! He's moving up to Michigan to be near his ill mother... hoping to refer him to those missionaries. His story didn't end the way we had envisioned, but the experiences we had with him have definitely shaped my testimony and influenced me for the better and I know they changed his life in a significant way.
Okay so we have this new part member family who recently moved from a neighboring ward into our area. The husband wants to get back to church and supposedly the wife wants to learn more. So on Friday night our Ward Mission Leader's wife drove us all the way out to the boonies to see them and they are SUCH an adorable family. I'm so used to working with older people out here basically my whole mission... it was so fun to have kiddos running around and laughing :) They did not make it to church, but we have high hopes for them!
Before General Conference yesterday we popped by a less active and had a really cool experience! Her, supposedly, atheist friend was with us and we invited him to church and in response he shyly nodded his head and said next week they'd be there. She was shocked. We were shocked. They've had rough lives, but are so sweet. I really hope they will be there.

Okay, GENERAL CONFERENCE. Can you say amazing? need I say more? It was just fantastic! It answered all of my questions and things I've been worrying/think about for a few weeks now! I loved Elder Holland's talk about motherhood on Saturday and it made me think about my own Mother whom I'm so grateful for. Shoutout to you Mom! I love you <3 It was so inspiring. And about the way we need to stand as lights for the world. From what we know is happening in the world, it's not getting better, and to think that we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we have the responsibility and sacred duty to bring others to this message of peace! It's awesome. Please please always share the gospel. Why only keep it for yourself? I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet of God. Anyone who watched him speak yesterday cannot deny it. The way the Spirit lifted him to speak with boldness and love and as he finished we see the weight of the world on his shoulders. The Lord is with him and he is inspired. I love this gospel and I know it's true.
Thank you for everything! Ya'll are amazing. Keep the notes coming! 

Sister Woolley

Picture: similar to last week's district picture.. but we had to take more this time haha.

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