Monday, October 26, 2015


Hello everyone! Happy almost Halloween, can you believe it!? I can't.
I know I say it every week but miracles are everywhere! Holy cow this week was fantastic.
First off, Gary is getting baptized this Saturday (yes on Halloween) and cannot wait! He told everyone in church yesterday "in 6 days I will be a member of this church" :D We're getting him to the temple soon after to do baptisms and he and Sharen are just on cloud 9! ME TOO! Tonight they want to take us to Family Home Evening (we go every week to a members' home for it) but we have a lesson right before and Gary wants to join. Not even baptized and he's helping us with a lesson.. okay!
Then there's Miss Inge. OH MY she's just stellar. We took her on a temple tour on Saturday and YOU GUYS SHE JUST LOVED IT. She saw the front door of the temple (not the main entrance we go in) and just gasped and took a picture of us in front of it. I asked if she wanted to touch the temple and she said "Will I get shocked" We laughed and assured her she could most definitely touched it and she did so reverently and with a smile on her face. We asked her if she believes it's true and she emphatically answered yes and wants to be sealed to her husband who has passed. The gospel is so amazing! She stayed all three hours of church yesterday too :)
This week we found some amazing new people who are interested in the gospel as well. There was a woman we met a couple of months ago that we planned on popping in on Saturday night and when we did she and her husband were home. We got to teach them a little and they want us to teach their teenage daughters! 
Also last night we found an adorable family who seem really prepared. Let's pray they progress!
Okay one more thought. We FINALLY got in with this Inactive couple who's daughter hasn't been baptized (she's 18). We saw them Saturday and she wants to learn to see if baptism is something she can be serious about! Annnnd her boyfriend who's name is Tiger haha wants to learn too!!!! Side note: They have three gorgeous horses and dogs and cats and I was basically in heaven over there yes.
They all came to church yesterday and it was glorious. Speaking of church, we had the Primary Program yesterday so it was PACKED and the Spirit was SO strong. I just loved it and really needed that. An adorable little girl sang "I Know My Savior Loves Me" and that one just touched me so much. <33 He really does love each of us unconditionally!
All in all this area is fantastic and booming and I'm so grateful to be serving here. My baby, Sister Rytting, is doing wonderfully and we're working super hard, the Lord is definitely blessing us. The members are amazing and we're just so happy! :D How could we not be happy!? We're sharing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ with our brothers and sisters and I just love the light that comes into these people's eyes as they discover the truth.
This gospel is true and I love it with my whole heart. Last week my "Ponderize" verse was 2 Nephi 32:9 about praying always. Turn to the Lord and He will lead you, guide you, and lift you up <3 also just my favorite line from the song I mentioned above
   "I will follow faithfully... My heart I'll give to Him, I know that my Savior love me"

Thank you for everything ya'll do. I love each of you! Have a wonderful week and don't forget to smile and pray!
Sister Woolley
Inge at the templeeee
Sister Rytting and I accidentally matched (we must be companions) 

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