Monday, September 28, 2015

Missionary Joy :)

Hello everybody!!
I want to thank everyone for the emails and support, ya'll are the best. I know I say it all the time, but this week just flew. Correction, this MONTH just flew by. woah.
Don't have a ton of time, so I'll try my best to keep it simple!
Monday night we had exchanged woo! Sister Rytting's very first exchange :) I stayed here with Sister Weston (we went on exchanges to Apopka last transfer). IT WAS GREAT. I learned a ton from her and we had a fun time with lots of miracles :) One being, that our part member couple is doing awesome! Gary, the nonmember, said yes to baptism because he wants so badly to do everything he can do be with Sharen for eternity. So cute. She's doing really well too. They watched the Women's Broadcast on Saturday with us and loved it! And both came to sacrament meeting, happy day :)
Also on exchanges, we decided to contact people in the cars next to us as we were driving (I've loved this my whole mission). The very first car I asked the man if he had read the Book of Mormon and when he said no I asked if he'd like to. He said yes (I was slightly shocked) and so Sister Weston reached in the back to grab one and I reached as far out the window as I could to give it to him! He barely grabbed it. SO COOL. We laughed about it all day :)

Seaford is swell! We got to take him on a temple tour on Friday and it was the SO great. We ended up being the only one's there for the tour but Seaford loved it. When we went over to the temple he knelt down and prayed that he could go inside one day. The next day we took him to the elders' baptism and he loved that as well. He wants to be baptized, it just might be a long process. Prayers for him please :)
We've been trying to find some more Less Active members to work with so on Thursday we popped by a part member couple who let us right in, gave us aprons to help her with dinner, and fed us that night! What a sweet elderly couple :) And way fun cooking a bit with her haha.
That night we went to meet with one of our new investigators and his whole family. We showed up and they were eating outside with some friends and the biggest pot of noodles you can imagine! So we sat with them and ate a bit while teaching.. pretty cool. Well turns out their friends had met with missionaries in 1997 so we gave them a spanish Book of Mormon and hope to teach them more!
We saw our lovely German 'gator this week and had a really great time teaching her the Plan of Salvation. She's already so much happier than the first time we met her and she's been listening to the Book of Mormon on yay <3 Also, she had made Leibkoochen, or German cookies, and they were so yummy.
Super pumped for what this week has in store! In the words of one of my favorite members here this is missionay JOY not missionary work. I love every minute of it here. Time has certainly been flying and I'm so grateful for all I've learned. I've got a long way to go to be who I want to be but, as President Uchtdorf explained so lovely on Saturday, we can all choose to be happy and skip down the path of life signing. The Lord loves you all <33
Hope ya'll have a wonderful week!!
Sister Woolley

 sister Weston :)
Our district #onlysisters. Two of 'em go home next week!
 tracting--giraffes! made my heart smile.
temple tour with Seaford!!!

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