Monday, October 12, 2015

"I'm ready to be a Mormon"

Hello family and friends!
We had quite the fantastic week! I'm just loving this area and these people so much :)
First off: Gary and Sharen!!!!! I'm just overjoyed and all smiles when I think about them. Last Monday night they didn't come to FHE because Gary was tired from work and they wanted to finish watching General Conference (fine with me!). Well on Tuesday we had a lesson with them. Gary tells us how he's already in Jacob of the Book of Mormon and then proceeds to tell us how, when he was watching President Monson speak, the Spirit testified to him that this is the true church. He cried and hugged Sharen and told her that he wants to be baptized on November 7th. When he told us we cried and probably had the biggest smiles on our faces :) I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM. Sharen is SO excited. She said everyone knew before he did that he would be baptized :) He's just so prepared. They can't wait to go to the temple next year to be sealed together for all eternity. I'm SO blessed to work with them. Heavenly Father is so sweet to allow me to be here at this time to meet them and see the gospel change their lives.
We met some awesome new investigators this week. We popped by a family who were taught over a year ago and they STILL had the Book of Mormon on their table and said they read from it every so often. We're hoping to work a lot with the 18 year old girl :) Also, their house is LEGIT. It's in the backwoods and it's basically a fancy log cabin. You walk in and there are taxidermy animals EVERYWHERE (the husband makes guns and hunts). Literally a 6 foot 'gator chillin' on a beam near the ceiling. Okay, cool. And we sat on real life bear skin and cow hide.
Remember Leroy? Still not baptized BUT the other day we had an unexpected super spiritual lesson where his member friend asked him really what's up that's keeping him from being baptized and he totally felt the Spirit. We cried and told him he knows it's true and one day he will be sealed to his wife who has passed on and his great grand daughter who wants so badly for him to be baptized. When that day comes, the church will be PACKED with so many people who've helped him come this far.
We had Zone Training Meeting on Thursday which was just AMAZING. Mini General Conference over here. Our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders are just awesome. Afterwards we got to have lunch with the sisters which ended by one of the sisters' car breaking down in which we ran over to dunkin' donuts to have two employees jump start it :) My dear MTC comp Sister Guynn was the driver. So happy she's staying in the zone!
On Saturday we got to do some service for one of my favorite members :) Killed ant hills and tore down spanish moss from the grapefruit tree it was so fun! And two referrals she gave us were there so we finally got to meet them. 
That same day we spent some time at one of the town squares to find new investigators. It was quite fun!
Things are going just wonderfully. I'm "Ponderizing" Alma 5:60 this week. I love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ and am honored to wear his name and serve him every second of every day. I love you all! Thank you for the support and love. Keep on keeping on!
Sister Woolley

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