Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 - a year of miracles

Hello everyone!!

I hope you each had a very merry Christmas!! Ours certainly was :)
Thank you family for the gifts and love and support and everything.
Y'all are the best!
There are going to be tears shed tomorrow as we found out that Sister
Arsenault will be transferred :( We thought for sure we were staying
together. But, she has some more lives to touch and she's going to do
a fantastic job. I have just LOVED serving with her. I have learned so
much from her this transfer and am very grateful for the time we had
together :)

We had a really great week- especially with Christmas and all!
Christmas Eve was actually a super successful day, and I attribute it
to the fact that the spirit is softening everyone's hearts for the
season :) We also went caroling to some nonmembers and less actives
with a family in the Ward and it was so fun!

We have been doing a 12 days of Christmas for a less active man and
his nonmember wife and their son. It has been SO great! We would go
early in the morning, right before getting home at night, and
sometimes in broad daylight (which was really scary) and they never
caught us. Christmas Eve we went by to give them a "treat" which was
their last gift, 12 candy canes, and completely pulled it off where
they didn't know it was us. UNTIL we walked outside, they opened our
note, and ran out to catch us! Oh well. It was amazing because their
hearts were definitely touched and the less active man even held up
his scriptures and told us he had been reading :) miracles!

Another service miracle happened on Saturday. We did some yard work
for a less active woman in the Ward and she just loved it. When we
went inside we shared with her Because of Him and asked her to pray
about how she can come closer to Christ this year. She kind of looked
at us funny and asked how can she pray? A little shocked, we taught
her how to pray  and she prayed out loud with us! It was very sweet.

Because you're probably wondering, Friday was Christmas and also our
weekly planning day so we spent most of the day just planning for next
week haha. But it was amazing! I got to skype the family which was
great. So amazing to see and hear each of you! I love you! And then a
member had us over for a delicious dinner with three nonmembers and it
was awesome. :) Merry Christmas!

And yesterday we got Ron, the less active we've been working with
since I got here, to come to church!!! Hallelujah. The talks in
sacrament meeting were perfect and he said he was so grateful he came

It has just been such a good transfer. We have found some AMAZING
people who are very prepared, the Lord is blessing us and the area.
I'm excited for what this next transfer holds. The New Year is coming
up quickly and I've been pondering about how I've grown this last
year. One thing that is very dear to me is how close I've become to my
Savior. My love and faith in Him has grown immensely and I'm excited
to come even closer to Him this coming year :) My love for the Book of
Mormon has grown so strong as well and I am just so grateful for the
knowledge of this gospel. 2015 has been the greatest, a whole year
spent in the service of my Savior. I want to invite each of us to take
time to pray about how we can grow closer to Jesus Christ in 2016 and
how we can more fully serve Him. I'd love to hear your ideas and plans
:) I'm so thankful for each of you! Stay strong, always improve, and
have a Happy New Year!!

Sister Woolley

 Nielsen family 3 layer cookies 

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