Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toads, General Authorities, and Paint

Hey ya'll!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (did I spell that right? haha)

Whew what a week! Sorry to freak everyone out for not getting to email yesterday, we had a super great conference yesterday. Elder Clark from the 70 came to speak to us for HOURS. It was awesome. Spiritually exhausting after the fact though... like there's so much I need to work on ah. Something that was really neat though was when he was talking about us being the .00000001% in Heaven who had EXCEEDING faith. Never forget who you were before you came to this earth. You are valiant. You are a son or daughter of God. He loves you. 
Also he talked about Retention. These converts are precious and need to be taken care of. Apparently President Hinckley's very last conference he chastised everyone about not retaining membership. Whooo! That was intense. So basically we all need to step it up and we can do this!

Here's a funny story: to keep up awake (which we weren't really falling asleep but still) Elder Clark had us stand up and do the head, shoulders, knees, and toes song/dance thing haha. And then he taught us it in spanish. You guys! I was in the front row- how many people can say they looked into a General Authority's eyes and sang "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" with him?? For reals. haha. 

So Mildred is struggling SO much with figuring out whether or not the Sabbath is on Saturday or Sunday. It's very frustrating and basically we've testified and testified and cried and explained and given her proof from the Bible and EVERYTHING and it all comes down to her just coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and praying. Literally that's it. She said she'd come next sunday, pray for her! 
Something funny about that though is our District Leader and his companion gave us some scriptures in the Bible to use for her and our excitement about it was so funny. Seriously I was so excited---how many 19 year olds around the world are excited about a verse of scripture? I love it :) 

Fun fact I caught a toad this week. And held a tree frog. Sister Sparks just calls me the toad catcher now! 

On Saturday we got to paint a lady's house! That was fun. Then she fed us a complete Southern meal. Some people in the south really do know how to cook. 

Today's excursion of p-day... cinco de mayo volleyball games! 

Another note: favorite thing about being a missionary--- watching Heavenly Father work through me. Seriously it's so cool! Two days ago our appointment with Dale fell through (who is progressing slowly but surely) so we went to the neighborhood by our next appointment with Chuck. Stopped by a Potential named Dawn and she came out of the house right as we pulled up. She was so awesome. She has two little girls and we taught her the Restoration and she is just golden. We can't see her for almost two weeks so pray for her that we'll be able to keep in touch and then baptized her!! :)

So I hope this wasn't too much of a ramble. Life is wonderful. I couldn't be happier. I'm always praying for ya'll. Thanks for the love and prayers.

Sister Woolley

P.S I'll send a pic of the toad catching next week <3

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