Monday, April 27, 2015

Trio Maddness

Hello family and friends!!

How are all you beautiful people?? Thanks for all the emails and love <3 pictures are cherished and greatly appreciated!

Soo this week was the first of the transfer--- I'm in trio! That was unexpected. Jensen and I walked in to the apartment last week after P-day and there was a third bed put into the room! Yikes. First off, that meant that the Assistants or whomever came into our house without us knowing (thank goodness we cleaned). 

Now I'm here with Sister Sparks and Sister Harthun! They're both from Northern California which is cool. TOTAL opposites, one's really shy and one is super loud and crazy haha. We have fun. I'm driving now too! That's pretty cool. I've been pretty stressed this last week leading in the area and showing them around and all. No worries though it's great!

Super neat miracle--- MILDRED came to church!!! woot woot! We had a lesson with her and Jerome and after reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon with them Jerome said "I feel peace". YES. Inside I'm dying from excitement. He didn't make it to church sadly but Mildred was so happy to be there again! Pray for her <3

We got some cool new investigators this week! Both times our appointments all fell through. Just last night we were walking down a street after trying to see a potential gator and a Less Active family and ugh neither opened the door. I was slightly frustrated with myself and everything and as we turned from the house I just thought "Okay. We're on this street. Why are we here? Who needs us Heavenly Father?" walked to the end of the street and we spotted a house with the garage door open and a few guys just hanging out there. Alright here we go! Sister Sparks pushed me up front and we went for it. "Hey guys!" and then one said "I've met you before" whatttt. Just two days ago we rolled down our window at a red light and told him to check out Coincidence? NOPE! They were really cool. Talked a bit then asked them to watch Because He Lives. They had their eyes glued to the video as I was holding it. Then we taught them the Restoration. They sat there listening and asking questions. It was so cool. So COOL! When ever will I be able to go up to a garage of random people and show them a video of Christ and teach them the restoration?? And have them respect me. The spirit's real. being a missionary is AWESOME. 

Random funny stories--- I accidentally ran over a little bird and killed it... I was heart broken! Ugh. 
There was a snake at the base a tree and a lady poked it and it literally jumped out at us! that was freaky. 

Gotta run! Keep smiling. People notice the Spirit with you. Don't be afraid to share your testimony- it will change someone's life! Super sweet. Love you all and never forget how much God loves you!

Sister Woolley 

 teaching waffle house employees! 
The trio! Sister Sparks + Sister Harthun :) 
Horton Hears A Who flowers

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