Monday, May 18, 2015

Small world + Singing

I feel like I say it every week but holy cow there are so many miracles here my goodness.

Hello everyone! What's new? 

This week was just wonderful :) And it certainly FLEW by. Time isn't even real here haha. For starters, we're pretty upset because the trio (Sparks, Woolley, and Harthun a.k.a Sparoolthun) is being torn apart. Sister Sparks got a call yesterday that she is leaving today to serve in a different area. So Harthun and I will be here together for the rest of the transfer. Very sad! But Sparks did a TON of good while she was here and I've learned so much from her. 

Ready to see how small the world is? 
So last week we had dinner with a young couple (one of three young couples in the ward haha) and the coolest thing happened. The husband, Brian Bourgeois was telling us about his conversion story. He was young and then in his teens he became less active. He went to a fireside or stake conference and it changed his life. Two general authorities came and their talks sparked a desire in him to go on a mission. Guess who one of those general authorities was? My uncle, Robert Gay! How cool is that? So shout out to my extended family, look at the miracles that came from that fireside. The spirit was very strong as he was sharing this experience and I'm so grateful he did :)

Here's something neat! We have what we call "Key Indicators" for goals each week such as "Number of Lessons" or "Baptized" and there's a new one now! It's "Reactivated Members" because we're working with a lot of Less Active members now and I just think it's the coolest thing! And, we can now attend the temple with our converts for their first time to do baptisms as well as after a year to receive further covenants. oh so happy! That means I get to go with Betty! She's preparing to get her recommend and to take her mom's name to the temple, which will be so sweet :)

MIRACLE: three of our investigators came to church yesterday! Ah so cool. It's very stressful with so many there because you not only have three people to keep track of but then three members to make sure they're sitting with them and helping them haha. But it was the sweetest thing. They all loved it and want to come next week! J.R was one of the 'gators who came and we actually had a really neat church tour with him on Friday :) Pray for him please! We're hoping to give him a baptismal date maybe later this week, he's so great! 

I got to go on exchanges with Sister Lokotui, one of our Sister Trainer Leaders up in what we call "The Villages"- so fancy. It was a ton of fun and who knew how relaxing it would be! They have some wonderful investigators up there so it was really great :) One of them just decided that very day she was going to quit drinking coffee so we had a hot chocolate party with her! Hot chocolate in Florida when it's 95 degrees is quite interesting haha but good :)

I have been to so many funerals on my mission already, yikes. Our bishop asked us to sing again for it. We sang "Abide With Me", who knew I loved singing in front of people so much?? It was really sweet to be able to contribute to the service. I had only met the woman once and she was darling. 

One more miracle! We went to see a potential named Diana randomly earlier in the week. Stopped by and she just blew us off but told us to come back the next day. So we did. And what do you know we taught her the Restoration on her front porch with two little kids. Oh so powerful. We have an appointment this week with her and I prayyyy that she will be prepared and we can continue to meet with her family. :) 

Sorry this is so long! It's been really great out here. I'm definitely learning patience and change. As a Zone we've been talking a ton about making changes to become what the Lord needs us to be. Prayer is key and the ATONEMENT. It literally will strengthen you to overcome  anything. I've been studying it a ton this week and all about Christ's love for each of us. Read 3 Nephi 11:14-15 I just love it. 

I love you all so much!! Stay strong and remember to pray!

Sister Woolley

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