Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hello my wonderful friends and family!

Leesburg is just awesome. This week was a little stressful, seeing as how two nights in a row our appointments bailed on us. ugh. BUT! One of the nights it was really cool to see how the Lord worked. Our appointment bailed and we were upset and then our member who was going to drive us ended up not being able to go, so it basically all worked out haha.

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful spectacular mothers out there! And to all the women who have influenced my life <3 I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAMILY! Aww coolest thing ever. I love you guys so much :) It's great to see how happy they all are which is just so uplifting! Not gonna lie, I cried a bit after but hey! happy tears :) 

So investigators are struggling with progression which is quite frustrating... it's hard cause I just love them all SO much and they won't do the things we ask them to. We did get to see Rob and Gaby on Wednesday. They're the ones that missionaries have been meeting with for over a year. They have a lot of doubts about prayer but the other night I got to testify to them about prayer, reading the Book of Mormon, and coming to church. I know I've said it a million times but I swear it's just SO important. As Rob shook my hand when we were leaving he said to me "you'll see me at church one day" ahhhh made my heart smile :)

On a happier note! We've gotten a less active lady back to church and she now has a calling in Relief Society :D yay for member missionary work!! Now on to her family! We go over every night and they're just the sweetest family. 

Here's a cool story! Last transfer we called a potential investigator named Joe and set a time to see him. Then I got new comps and Joe bailed on us. We set another time probably 3 times and he kept cancelling... we almost dropped the poor guy. But Saturday we got to see him yay! And let me tell you- he is AWESOME. Taught him the restoration and he just loved it. My favorite part about new 'gators- when they pray sincerely for the first time. It just melts my heart :) He said in his prayer "I know the Book of Mormon is true, but I know I need to read it." Oh so happy :) Pray he'll come to church next week!!

I think my whole mission I'll be learning humility. But these last few weeks my patience is definitely being tested. I was reading in the New Testament about Christ's examples of patience- ah so sweet! Everyone go read John 17 it's the sweetest <3

Here's some fun pictures from the last couple of weeks :) Life is pretty awesome out here! Happy to be a missionary for the Lord. 
1. Mildred's kitten :) 
2. Us at our favorite taco truck 
3. last week's house painting excursion
4. a note I left at a potential investigator's house... the puzzle piece was on the ground.

I love you all! have a great week!

Sister Woolley

 Mildred's kitten  :) 
 At their favorite taco truck
Last week's house painting excursion 
a note she left at a potential investigator's house... the puzzle piece was on the ground

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