Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Whoville and waffles

Hey everyone!!!

Not really sure where to start today! So for starters, transfers are
tomorrow and I get to stay in Leesburg!!! I'll be getting a new comp
so Jensen will be heading out. It's been good! I'm excited yet a bit
nervous for a new one.

So something really funny that happened this week was when we were
trying to find a potential investigator. We went to his house and he
wasn't home so we tracted a bit. Had a good laugh when one of the guys
who opened the door simply said "Not interested, byyyyye!" And closed
the door. Sad he doesn't give it a chance but we thought it was funny
:) across the street were some flowers that looked just like the ones
in Horton Hear's a Who! Took some funny pictures, I'll try to send em
later! And then the house right next door had the coolest guy there
and we get to meet with him tomorrow! Woot woot! Pray for us!

We got to have interviews with the mission president this week. Ah
he's just the sweetest! What's neat is you can tell he just really
loves you and I'm super grateful for a mission president like him.

Miracles from following promptings!! We were driving to a less
active's house and passed by a Harley Davidson and Jensen spotted a
guy sitting outside on his break (who looks like my uncle Clayton
which was chill!) so we pulled over and awkwardly (when is it not
awkward?) walked up to him. But he way way cool!!! There was that
spark in his eyes when he watched the He Lives Easter video :) but he
lives outside our area so we're praying missionaries find him again!

Another miracle-- Jensen and I were talking about going to Waffle
House before transfers cause they're all over Florida and apparently
it's the thing to do (not all that great) and she wanted to go one
night so we went and thank goodness we did! There was hardly anyone in
there and so the two employees just sat down and started chatting to
us and they were really interested in what we do! Yay for awesome
people and following promptings!

This week I really learned about Heavenly Father's love for us. I'm so
focused on helping other people feel His love that I kind of had to
remind myself about His love for me too! Guys, it's just awesome.
There are so many people on this earth and our Father in Heaven loves
each of us and knows us all PERFECTLY. He most definitely knows us
better than we know ourselves too. Never forget that!!

Something funny- I've gotten a ton of different names here haha. So
far we have Woolsy, Worley, Wolly... Ha.

Aww so remember our old man Frank?? He broke his ankle two days ago!
Very sad. But his daughter was extremely grateful for us coming over a
lot and the smile on his face when he saw us was just precious.

Dale is making progress! We pray he gets baptized this transfer! He's
so sweet. Not sure how much I've told ya'll, but he is having trouble
believing in Christ but he loves the Book of Mormon and has the
kindest heart. Pray that he'll make it to church!!

Well I can't really think of anything else to say. I love you all SO
much and miss you a ton. I'm so grateful to be here and wouldn't
change it for the world. Thank you for all of the encouragement ya'll
have give me and for all the emails and updates. I'm praying for ya
everyday. ❤️

Sister Woolley

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