Monday, April 13, 2015

Baptism, laughs, golden gators

Best week yet!!!

So for starters- BETTY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! Indescribably awesome. She was just SO happy this week! On Wednesday we got to go to the temple and have a little temple tour with her. She can't wait to go inside and do baptisms next week. We got to go in the waiting room of the temple with her and she said she felt the Spirit SO strong - it was so peaceful. The day of her baptism was so great. Jensen and I put together a musical number (last time I got to play the flute!). We performed Come Thou Fount. Favorite song! shout out to my brother for singing it at his farewell a few years ago and making it my favorite. Practice went well! But when the time came the A/C was blowing and blew all of Jensen's sheet music down while she was playing and I threw in a few weird notes and the Elders were laughing haha. Betty and everyone loved it but Jensen and I just sat down laughing :D She's officially a member and is SO happy! Church is true guys.

So last P-day we played volleyball like all day with our district. super fun! And then we sang A Child's Prayer for a member that came by randomly :) 

Well we had quite a shocker last week--- we drove to our 'gator's house randomly (thanks to the spirit's guidance) and, well, it was kind of burnt to the ground. No joke. We were in shock! Turns out there was a fire a couple of days before Easter. Everyone is okay thank goodness. We went in to see the older lady at the hospital (she broke her collarbone) and she was so happy to see us. Praying things go okay for them!

Oh my goodness our investigator's are just awesome! Yesterday we read Alma 40 with J. and he straight up said he needs to make changes and prepare himself. He missed Betty's baptism but when we called he said "I hope I can come see another. Maybe it'll be my own". He's awesome.
Frank is such a sweetheart. He's the old man we walk dogs with :) yesterday he too had such an open heart and things are making sense for him. He said "I bet God is so happy you're working for Him" awww it made me almost cry!

I'm so happy to be a missionary. It's amazing, being able to watch these people's lives change. The gospel is so precious and free for everyone! It just takes an open heart and humility :) 

Side note: Sister Jensen and I have just been laughing all the time this week - which is so nice to be having fun while doing work :) We've gotten to the point where we can basically read each others' minds haha. we were eating dinner at Betty's and the meat was really rare... like really pink. We just looked at each other and busted up laughing. 

Oh! another funny thing - we tracted a couple of house after seeing a Less Active and the first one who opened the door was a Jehova's witness. She proceeded to preach to us and then gave us her card to check out the website... awkward 'cause that's what we tell people to do. So we took it and moved on. Next house we went to the guy was nice but not interested. So I said "can we leave a card with you??" As I pulled out what should have been the card he said "no I'm okay" and thank goodness for that because it was actually the J-Witness card I pulled out! oops! we had a good laugh. 

Love you all! Thanks for all the emails, love, and support :) Keep being awesome!!

Sister Woolley

P.S. blind mosquitoes are nasty--- welcome to Florida where there are three seasons "Summer, hurricanes, and snowbird season" <333

Betty's baptism! 

Elder Wilson playing Sister Woolley's flute and Sister Jensen sanitized it
District P-day!

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