Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 5

Hope everyone had a heart-filled Valentine's Day! (which, by the way was my month mark, can you believe it??) Just a little fun fact before I forget: when I entered the MTC 310 other missionaries entered that day too! 68% elders and 38% sisters. And we had 1271 missionaries total in the MTC. CRAZY.
So this week was all over the place! So awesome though. We got a new investigator who basically invited himself to church!! He's so cool. We met him on the street and he's only 21. Taught him twice and he prayed with us during our second meeting and said the coolest prayer asking if God is there. Like what, that actually happened!? It's one of those things people role play in the MTC but it happened for reals! Speaking of 'gators, we finally got ours to church! We had 4 on Sunday :) And one of their grandkids who I basically took care of during Sacrament meeting.. yikes. But they loved it! The two 'gators left after the first hour but Phillip, the 21 year old, stayed all three hours and really enjoyed it!
Friday we had our trainer follow up meeting so I got to see the missionaries I came out with which was super neat! So that day we spent in Orlando mostly. Then Valentine's Day one of our investigators and his wife (who is a member) took us to breakfast at Denny's. How sweet is that??
Something I've been learning this week is truly relying on the Lord. It's really difficult to be teaching a lesson and force yourself not to think about what you're going to say next! But these lessons aren't our lessons, they're the Lord's. So once we can learn to love the investigator and focus on their needs, the words will come. I'm still working on it, but it's getting easier :) 
There's nothing better than bearing testimony. We have a "lifetime investigator" (the one married to a member), who basically says he'll never join the church. We let him talk to us about all his concerns and it was one of those moments you just have to bear testimony. The Spirit was there which is what matters. But you know how they say your testimony is strengthened by bearing it? How true that is! So bear testimony to someone every day! It'll bless you more than you know.
Alma 26:16 "Who can glory too much in the Lord?" Go read Joseph Smith History also. He was a prophet called of God to restore Christ's true church on the earth today! Come on. That's awesome.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Keep smiling :) I'd love pictures if you want to email any! Keep writing! Letters are like Christmas :)
I love you all!
Sister Woolley

 Frosting cookies for Valentines Day with Sister Jensen 
 Flag football with ward members + missionaries on P-day!
Ever seen the RM? This lady used food storage as furniture! :)

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