Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 3 - FLORIDA

Hi everyone!
First off, I apologize for not being able to email last week (if you're ever a mission president, let your missionaries email, it's really sad not being able to haha). Well, I made it to Florida and it just started pouring rain 5 minutes ago! I love it here. My last week in the MTC was AWESOME! I don't even know where to begin. We got better at teaching and working together and our District had a lot of good times. Ran into Connor Boynton in the mail room! That was exciting. My District sang the EFY medley in church our last sunday and it was so great! 
Sister Guynn (my comp) and I had to get up at about 2am to make it to the travel room at 4:30. They took us and three elders to the front runner then to the trax in salt lake then to the airport. My oh my it was a bit stressful! haha. At the airport we were able to call home, which was nice to hear everyone's voices :) Then the 4 hour flight which consisted of sleeping, talking, reading, sleeping, and eating haha. Met the mission President and his wife (super nice) and stayed the night at the mission home.
Tuesday was Transfer day and I got my assignment and new comp, Sister Jensen! She's awesome. We're assigned to the Leesburg area, about an hour outside of Orlando. It's an interesting place haha I love it! We mainly drive here though cause it's so big! I must add, I saw Lindy Ludlow at transfers! And Hannah Rowley :) they're doing great!
Well, the people here are different than back home! They're really sweet. A lot of the people in this area are poor and they all have southern accents, what could be better? "Bout 8 foot from the winda" was a line I was just cracking up at last week. 
My first member meal! Intersting. She was a single, older lady and made us "13 bean soup"... Not gunna lie, it was NASTY. Half way through Sis. Jensen asked for hot sauce haha... anything to hide the taste :p It's definitley a day to never forget! 
The water here is pretty gross tasting (gator spit, is how they describe it) so we drink from bottled water mainly :) 
On Saturday, the Elders in our area had a baptism and a wedding for their investigator! We helped decorate for the wedding and it was so fun! 
We have some really great investigators. We see miracles happen daily! We have one lady, Angela, whom we met while working with her brother. She's so amazing! She's been having a lot of troubles lately and she's so ready to hear the gospel. Last night we had an awesome lesson with her and the spirit was there so strong. One of those moments where I think "this is why I'm on a mission". It's tough- the first week was not easy. But it's those little moments that bring such joy and reassure me that this is where the Lord needs me to be. 
I hope you all remember to pray and rely on God! It can be hard to do, but I know that the second you turn your life over to Him and put all your trust in Him that He will be right there to lift you up. I shared it in my farewell talk but I want everyone to read Matthew 14:26 I believe it is. Christ is there to lift you up! You just need to be the one to reach out your hand. 
Sorry this was so long. Just know that I miss every single one of you and I am so grateful for each of your examples in my life. I love you all! 
Take a look at the mission blog if you'd like! I think it's
And if anyone wants to send a package that'd be awesome just don't use UPS or FedEx.
Letters would be fantastic! I don't have anyone's addresses so I'd love to get that from ya'll!

Much love,
Sister Woolley

P.S I'll send pictures the minute I can!

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