Monday, February 15, 2016

Witnessing the Power of the Atonement

Hey everyone!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and a happy Valentine's Day! <3
and a shout out to my step dad who had his birthday on Saturday! I
hope it was a great one, Dave :)

Whew this week just flew by. Some fun and random info of this week.
For Valentine's Day a family in the Ward made us chocolate covered
strawberries for dinner last night so that was pretty exciting. Also,
we had Zone Training Meeting on Thursday and because we cover two
zones of sisters we attended both. Therefore, we got to drive an hour
through Orlando to the chapel, give a training then drive another hour
back to our chapel, grab a super quick lunch, and stay for another two
hours of trainings woohoo! It's always good to be around the other
missionaries though :) we have a new "Mission Culture" that we now
have memorized and are pumped about! pretty cool stuff.

Well yesterday was super exciting because we got our gator Marvin to
come to church! He's been investigating forever and hasn't come in a
while so everyone was excited to see him there. Also, one of the less
actives we're working with came and stayed ALL three hours. Ah I was
so happy.

We got to teach a lot this week. We taught Nick and Chris the Plan of
Salvation and oh my goodness they just loved it. Nick said a spark
went off inside him and "the Mormons got a point" haha and Chris just
had a light in his eyes. The gospel really can change lives people! I
love it.

Also! Funny story. We are teaching a Haitian man but there is hardly
anyone in our Ward who speaks creole or French (frustrating) and I
wish I knew French (bonjour!) soo we went to his home and showed him
the Restoration video in French. Haha. But it was still really cool!
And he's letting us come back with a Haitian member :)

Last night we had a really sweet experience. It was very sad but very
powerful. A returning member we're working with came to us with a
problem she's going to and seeking help on how to repent. We had a
SUPER powerful lesson about repentance and the Savior's Atonement.
HOLY COW GUYS. Repentance is so real and so powerful. We can literally
turn our lives around and the Savior will take away the pain and
guilt. He can and will help. We watched Because of Him with her and
just bore testimony of how much the Lord loves her and is right there
for her with open arms. I'm so grateful to be in the position I'm in
to be able to assist her in this process <3

Well, that's all for today. I just love this gospel so much. I am so
grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that the He lives. He
cares for each of us and if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will
be happy in this life and the next :) stay strong! Love you all. Hope
to hear from you soon!

Sister Woolley

one of the greatest couples in the ward who got sealed on Saturday yay!
annd me and Sis. Burnette <3 
Sorry for the millions of pictures just of me and my companions... I'll try to 
take some more unique ones haha. 
Love ya'll!!

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