Monday, January 11, 2016

"recycling!!" and a relay race

Hello Hello!! I hope everyone had a fantastic first full week of January! I'm loving it

We had a ton of miracles this week, holy cow the Lord is blessing us. Sister Burnette is amazing and just makes me laugh so hard too :)

For starters, yesterday was amazing. A few days ago we got a media referral for a woman named Tabatha who requested a Bible. Okay. So we called her up and she asked us to bring two bibles, one for her and one for her 15 year old son. Cool! So last night we went to see her
with a member and she is legit. We taught her and her son the whole restoration and committed them to baptism. Tabatha said a kneeling closer prayer at the end and was crying as she closed the prayer and her son was just all smiles. So. Cool. I am grateful for referrals!

On Tuesday we got to have interviews with our dear President Berry. I just love ever hung about him :) also, the APs were in charge of our district meeting that day and therefore we had a Preach My Gospel relay race which was probably the greatest thing ever. We were split
into two teams against our companions and it was the funniest thing. On team had to put on a Santa costume while the other put on a jack sparrow costume and then it was timed and we had to teach the restoration as fast as we could, find a scripture on a certain topic,and even shoot a hoop, among many other activities. I know, random. BUT SO FUN. And we learned from it so it was great!
On Thursday we had another cool experience. We went to see a Less Active woman that we had previously scheduled an appointment with. She completely opened up to us and told us she needs help with her faith and we told her that's our job to help her! So she's allowing us to come once a week for now and we're really confident about working with her :) yay!!
ALSO we were driving down the road and saw this man in his driveway. We awkwardly pulled off the side of the road, jumped out of the car, and taught him. He's awesome!
On Saturday we had exchanges again and we probably had one of the most interesting days I've had on the mission. Holy cow. It went from people running away and yelling at us in the morning (no big deal) to a couple AMAZING on the spot lessons and a couple of new investigators woo! to a crazyyy lesson where a Hatian man wouldn't let us speak, starting yelling about recycling, and we just up and left. wow. So we ate dinner at Yellow Dog Eats (amazing) in the pouring raing (also great) and felt much better. It was quite the day! A great day nonetheless.
Sorry this is so long. Real quick, Brenda is really struggling. We haven't met with her since Wednesday and work has been crazy. Can everyone please pray for her? I have such a testimony of prayer and I know it will help.
The church is true! I love it with my whole heart :) I love each of you and I know that Heavenly Father loves you so much. The Book of Mormon is true and it will bring SO much peace if you read it everyday. Please do! The gospel can and will change your whole heart if you let it.
I love you all. Hope to hear from you soon!

Sister Woolley
Pictures: Hermana Shelley :)

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