Monday, September 21, 2015

"If you've not read the Book of it!" -President Monson

Howdy ya'll! How are these amazing people today? Hope ya'll had a wonderful week!

It was quite the week, but I feel like I grew a lot this week. Let me start with the bad...

Jimmy disappeared. We had an awesome lesson Thursday and filled out his baptismal record and he was all set to be interviewed the next day at the temple after the tour. He was excited! Then an hour before the tour on Friday he texted us telling us he wouldn't come. We tried calling and tried to get the concern out of him but he wouldn't budge. Said he'd be at dinner the next day with our member... bailed. Said he'd be at Sacrament meeting... didn't show. UGH. So, we haven't heard from him and we're just going to give him a break until he calms down or something. So, to make a long story short, we were pretty down. 

But! Applying President Berry's 10 second rule--- "what could I have done better?" Okay then move on! And boy oh boy did Heavenly Father bless us some :) 

We went Less Active finding on Tuesday and found this glorious street out in the boonies of Ocklawaha where we found an ADORABLE German lady! Such a cute house too. Another one of those "let's knock one more then we'll go" instances. She just lost her husband a month ago and was very distraught. We showed her Because of Him and she loved it and cried and told us to come back. She doesn't feel like she has much purpose here anymore. When we came again and gave her a Book of Mormon she was determined to read it and when we told her about General Conference (especially about our German general authority) she got so excited, haha :)

On Friday, as a backup to our cancelled temple tour, we went to our Burmese family's house and when they opened their door they had a table set out with some interesting looking food for two. Not sure what the Burmese etiquette is... they didn't eat though. The food was interesting but not bad! They had green tea set out and their reactions when we turned it down was quite hilarious. Then they offered us coke which we also had to turn down.. the poor wife. 

Saturday was wonderful! In the morning we got to go to Leesburg (YAY) to do a community cleanup project with a few other missionaries (my dear Sister Guynn) and the community. We picked up little for an hour and a half and it was great. I got to wear one of those neon yellow vests!!! Has been on my bucket list :)
Right afterwards we headed home to shower and then up to Belleview for the Fall Festival which we had a booth set up at with the elders in our ward and a senior couple :) we didn't get to stay long but I'm so thankful we came when we did! Because a family was walking by and I noticed the boy turned to his mom and pointed to the sign and picture of Christ. I walked up to them and turns out they were baptized 7 years ago, have been inactive for 3 years, and moved down here a year ago, we didn't receive any records! She said they had mentioned once about how they were going to find the church and didn't really know how. They had just been driving by the festival and decided to go and boom we met them and they all showed up at church yesterday!!!! It was the sweetest thing to see :) The Lord has His was of working. The two youngest kids were never baptized, so the elders will be working with them :) 

After the festival we had a funny lesson with a new investigator. She asked why we were there and told us she'd never convert. At first, slight disappointment. Then we taught them the Restoration and she softened up a ton and prayed at the end saying she'd have an open heart as she reads and prays about it :) 

Okay almost done! Yesterday was amazing :) We received 4 member referrals woo!
Right after church we snagged a member for a lesson with another new investigator. She is so cool! She told us she's looking for change, she even wants to quit smoking. We're excited to start working with her! 

THEN we had this amazing event called the Why I Believe Fireside and HOLY COW if it didn't touch our investigator's lives it touched mine. Seaford and Leroy came as well as our lovely returning members, the Barretos :) ALSO a family in the ward brought their new friend, Maria, who wants to start learning! #referral we're so pumped!!!
The Spirit was seriously SO strong at this fireside. Our zone got to sing a gorgeous arrangement of I Know That My Redeemer Lives and I can't even begin to describe how strong the spirit was as we sang. Eek! I needed that :) 

So basically this week I learned a ton about humility (I've said that before) and about patience in the Lord's timing. I'm ready to work even harder this week to help these wonderful people improve their lives and come unto Christ. I'm so thankful for this gospel. I know that it's true. I know that the Book of Mormon literally is the word of God and that it was translated by Joseph Smith, a true prophet of God. I'm grateful for this knowledge and how it's blessed my life. I want everyone to feel the Spirit testify that it's true. Please please please read the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY. It is a habit that has to be made and it is SO simple. It will change your life. It's changed mine. And it will change others' lives. I love you all. Until next time <3

Sister Woolley

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